Quomodo sedet sola
  • Richard R.
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    Morales, Lamentationes

    Aleph. How doth the city sit solitary that was full of people! how is the mistress of the Gentiles become as a widow: the princes of provinces made tributary!

    Beth. Weeping she hath wept in the night, and her tears are on her cheeks: there is none to comfort her among all them that were dear to her: all her friends have despised her, and are become her enemies.

    Ghimel. Juda hath removed her dwelling place because of her affliction, and the greatness of her bondage: she hath dwelt among the nations, and she hath found no rest: all her persecutors have taken her in the midst of straits.

    Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return unto the Lord thy God.
  • Richard,

    I attempted a setting of this text, for 5 voices, some time ago. I don't know if I can still find it, re-filed as it has been because I've been cleaning up, but I'll see if I can find it, if you like?
  • Richard R.
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    As we continue our seemingly never-ending Lent of 2020, I can think of few better texts to be setting to music, Chris.
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