Suggestions for planning a wedding mass
  • Beth
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    In the past I've just gone about it like a regular mass. With the additions of a Marian chant for the offering of flowers and a Festive entrance for the Bride. I looked the Rites book, and didn't find any particular propers or anything.
    I'm wondering if there are any other sources to check.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    this site may or may not be of interest to you. It is still in development, but we have a start.
  • Beth
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    Wow Jeff,
    Thanks keep up the great work.
  • BruceL
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    There are propers in the Missal for the wedding Mass, but it is a challenge to find musical settings of them. I am writing my own for my wedding. The bigger issue is the lack of musical settings for the psalm; even on the new USCCB wedding site, the psalm is "conveniently" left out of the section of Mass readings. I assume this is for the "local option". It is unfortunate that people so often hear the bad (inclusive language) paraphrases that pass as responsorial Psalms. It's wonderful that Jeff is working on this, but I do hope that even the big publishers realize this is an area that needs attention...and make them money...
  • Pes
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    I posted this on another thread (re: EF weddings), but it's useful to have the EF propers here, too, for reference -- perhaps even guidance.

    IN. Deus Israel (Tobias 7:15; 8:19)

    Deus Israel conjungat vos: et ipse sit vobiscum, qui misertus est duobus unicis: et nunc, Domine, fac eos plenius benedicere te. (Ps. 127. 1) Beati omnes qui timent Dominum: qui ambulant in viis ejus.

    May the God of Israel join you together: and may He be with you, who was merciful to two only children: and now, O Lord, make them bless Thee more fully. (Ps. 127. 1). Blessed are all they that fear the Lord, that walk in His ways.

    GR. Uxor tua (Ps. 127:3)

    Uxor tua sicut vitis abundans in lateribus domus tuae. V. Filii tui sicut novellae olivarum in circuitu mensae tuae. Alleluia, alleluia.

    Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine on the sides of thy house. V. Thy children as olive plants round about thy table. Alleluia, alleluia.

    TR. Ecce sic benedicetur Psalm 127:4-6

    Ecce sic benedicetur omnis homo, qui timet Dominum. V. Benedicat tibi Dominus ex Sion: et videas bona Jerusalem omnibus diebus vitae tuae. V. Et videas filios filiorum tuorum: pax super Israel.

    Behold thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the Lord. V. May the Lord bless you out of Sion; and mayest thou see that good things of Jerusalem all the days of thy life. V. And mayest thou see thy children's children: peace upon Israel.

    AL. Mittat vobis, Benedicat vobis (Ps. 19. 3, Ps. 133. 3).

    Alleluia, alleluia. V. Mittat vobis Dominus auxilium de sancto: et de Sion tueatur vos. Alleluia. V. Benedicat vobis Dominus ex Sion: qui fecit coelum et terram. Alleluia.

    Alleluia, alleluia. V. (Ps. 19. 3) May the Lord send you help from the sanctuary, and defend you out of Sion. Alleluia. V. (Ps. 133. 3). May the Lord out of Sion bless you: who hath made heaven and earth. Alleluia.

    OF. In te speravi (Ps. 30:15-16)

    In te speravi, Domine: dixi: Tu es Deus meus: in manibus tuis tempora mea.

    In Thee, O Lord, have I hoped: I said, Thou art my God; my times are in Thy hands.

    CO. Ecce sic benedicetur (Ps. 127:4, 6)

    Ecce sic benedicetur omnis homo, qui timet Dominum: et videas filios filiorum tuorum: pax super Israel.

    Behold, thus shall every man be blessed that feareth the Lord; and mayest thou see thy children's children; peace upon Israel.
  • Felipe Gasper
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    I didn’t know about this USCCB site. Interesting.

    When my email comes back up (grr) I will ask about why the resp. psalms are not up there.
  • Pes
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    The USCCB's webpage on wedding music is lax:

    It's written by J. M. McMahon, president of the NPM. The GIRM? Nowhere acknowledged. Some criteria are given from STTL, but too vague to merit anything but a cursory nod.
  • Steve CollinsSteve Collins
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    And, by my reading, if the Propers are given the same cursory nod as in all other Masses, there's nothing to prevent the beautiful EF Propers from being used at an OF Nuptial Mass - especially in English. If they're not the current Propers, then they simply fall into the catch-all category!
  • When a groom asked me about chant propers for a Paul VI Wedding Mass, he carefully reviewed the options in the Roman Missal, and came up with a list of Latin texts for which there were precious few chants, and those were for different Mass parts! (For a hypothetical example, there might have been an offertory chant using the Missal text for the Introit). In the end, I was able to persuade the groom and the priest that we could use the traditional propers from the 1962 Missal. Alius cantus aptus, don't you know.

    Pes, thanks for the list of 1962 propers for which the usual seasonal variations apply. That is, for Septuagesima/Lent use the Gradual and Tract, for Paschal time, the two Alleluias, and for other seasons, the Gradual and the first Alleluia. Oh, and in Paschal time, the added Alleluias at the end of Introit, Offertory, and Communio.
  • Bruce E. Ford
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    The Ordo Cantus Missae (and the 1974 Graduale Romanum) provide propers for the Ritual Mass "Pro Sponsis." These are listed on pp. 645-646 of the 1974 Graduale:

    Deus in loco sancto suo
    Domine refugium factus es nobis
    Timete Dominum, omnes sancti eius

    Timese Dominum, omnes sancti eius
    Uxor tua sicut vitis abundans

    Mittat vobis Dominus

    Immitet angelus Domini
    In te speravi, Domine

    Beati mundo corde
    Primum quaerite regnum Dei

    The gradual "Uxor tua" would probably raise eyebrows--for good reason, in my opinion.
  • Steve CollinsSteve Collins
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    Bruce: I don't know why. "Uxor tua" is straight from Ps. 128, which is one of the prescribed Responsorial Psalms. Of course, secularized individuals, with no understanding of Scripture, and with PC emotional baggage, probably should settle for a Civil Union, if they cannot accept tenants of the Catholic Faith.

    My ex-wife even told me about a visiting priest at her father's parish (he was Deacon and Administrator) who spent most of his homily completely dismissing the Epistle Reading from Ephesians - you all know which one!