Flos Carmeli - original translation
  • JonathanKKJonathanKK
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    A blessed feast-day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to all. Below is my translation of Flos Carmeli, which I would like to offer here today, in thanksgiving for graces received from our Lady, especially the ones I don't know what they are yet.

    Flow’r of Carmel,
    Vine richly blossoming,
    Splend’r of Heaven,
    Virgin yet child-bearing,
    Like no other.

    Gentle Mother,
    Unknown of any man,
    To thy children
    Grant holy privilege,
    Star of ocean.

    Root of Jesse,
    Springing forth flow’ret fair,
    Here to stand, now
    Let me thy servant be
    As it please thee !

    Lily, who flourishest,
    Keep pure likewise
    Minds of fragility,
    Kind protector !

    Thou, the armour
    Steadfast of warriors,
    Wars rage wildly,
    Tender the patronage
    Of thy mantle !

    Through times doubtful
    Counsel most provident,
    Through life’s trials
    Solace perpetual,
    Mayst thou grant us.

  • francis
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    I was so moved by the simplicity of your prayer... Our Lady truly loves that you have such a gentle spirit. A blessed feast day to you (belated a little)

    For you, Jonathan. (I need your last name for the credits)
  • francis
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    hmmm... fixed measures two and three... this is better.

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