Lord Jesus, when I think of Thee : Has anyone heard this hymn?
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    There is very little about it online.

    1. Lord Jesus, when I think of Thee,
    And look upon Thy cross aright,
    Thy body stained with blood I see,
    Lord, pierce my heart with that sad sight!

    2. Jesus, true love I owe to Thee
    Who on the cross didst show, that tide,
    The crown of thorns, the sharp nails thee,
    The cruel spear that pierced Thy side.

    3. Jesus, love made Thy tears to fall,
    'Twas love that made Thy blood to flow,
    For love wast scourged and smitten all,
    For love Thy life Thou didst forego.

    4. Mary, I pray, as thou art free,
    A part of this thy grief I'll bear,
    That I may sorrow here with thee,
    And bliss with thee hereafter share!
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    It's by someone named Richard Rolle, and is in the New St Basil Hymnal, published 1958.
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    More info:
    Richard Rolle (c.1300 - 1349) was an English hermit, mystic, and religious writer of mystical and ascetic tracts. He is also known as Richard Rolle of Hampole or de Hampole, since at the end of his life he lived near a Cistercian nunnery in Hampole, now in South Yorkshire.
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    tnx Chuck... yea, i found that much... it seems to be quite remote. it was published in the second edition of the SSPX hymnal, and that is where I first found it... I don't have the choir edition and was interested to see the harmony, however, the part writing in that hymnal is apparently the worst ever produced; terrible voice leading and poorly set counterpoint.