Psalm verses for proper antiphons from Gospels, etc
  • Claire H
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    Looking for guiding principles on what Psalm verses to pair with a Roman Missal antiphon (Introit or Communion) that comes from a Gospel verse.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    A practical guide can be found in the Processional which is the first item here, when you search for "processional". It tells you what there is in official sources, but note that some of these are offical proposals which have never been promulgated, eg from ICEL but not endorsed (or rejected) by CDWDS. It shows the status of each. of each item. That does not tell you how they chose them.
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  • Richard R.
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    I usually take the Psalm verses from the other (usually from the Psalms) antiphon. If the antiphon in question has an equivalent in the Graduale Romanum, I would use the Psalm verses found there.