Beethoven's Irish works
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    I have question and hopefully gain a little education. I was researching an Irish hymn and my research leads me to a collection of compositions by Beethoven. Irish Songs, WoO 154, for voice and piano trio | Beethoven

    Here is my question: what does WoO mean? For example if you do a Google search for WoO 154, it brings back several hits of Beethoven's works. Is it WoO (capital "O") or is it (zero)? I've seen it both ways?

    I was thinking it was and acronym for wood instruments?

    Any help would be appreciated
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    WoO stands for Werke ohne Opuszahl, fragments or other things published without an opus number. More details:
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    I never would've guessed! Thanks DL
  • Thanks for the memories, you guys! At the bicentennial of Beethoven's birth, my parents bought a complete set of his recorded works. These were blighted with extreme sonic glare, but I cherish the memory of Dietrich Fischer-Diskau singing many obscure works. I think the Irish songs must have been among them---I certainly do remember the "Scottish songs."
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