Sarum Gradual Latin
  • renwick
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    Dear colleagues: I am pleased to announce the publication of Sarum Gradual Latin, in three volumes. Volume I contains all the chants of the temporale; volume II contains the common of saints and the ordinary chants of the mass; volume III contains the sanctorale and the votive masses. These volumes may be of particular interest to those involved in or interested in the ordinariate or in the Anglican tradition. I hope to be able to publish the English version of the Sarum Gradual in the next few years . . .
    with best wishes, William Renwick
    The link:
  • ServiamScores
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    Beautiful, excellent work.
  • Jehan_Boutte
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    God bless and reward you for this magnificent work.

    By the way, here is a question: what are your sources for the English version of this Gradual?
  • renwick
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    Hi there: thanks for the question: when I complete the English versions, there will be two; one will be based on the BCP and KJV texts, and the other will be based on the Douay-Rheims texts. Non biblical texts will be taken from existing sources where appropriate, and otherwise newly translated. Sequence translations are from existing sources such as J. M. Neale, plus new translations by Matthew Carver. The choice to make two versions has to do with the dual traditions, one stemming from the Anglican heritage, the other from the Catholic heritage. Thanks for your interest!!