Barenreiter Urtext Bach Orgelwerke needs new home
  • I have the complete 9 volumes, in near-mint condition, and want them to go to a good home.

    For the purposes of this thread:

    Which edition of Bach's works do well-informed persons use, when cost is no object, and why? ( I think I also have the Dupre, but not as complete and not as good condition).

    What portions of Bach's oeuvre are appropriate for use at Mass? Does the form (OF or EF) matter in the answer to the question?

    Personal: PM me if interested in becoming the new owner.

  • MarkS
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    To answer the first question: folks in my neck of the woods would indeed prefer the Bärenreiter, for reasons relating to textual accuracy, scholarship, and superior engraving. Curious why you would give them up. Forswearing Bach?
  • trentonjconn
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    I've always greatly enjoyed using Bach throughout the Mass, most especially for the postlude. Many of his chorale preludes are based on hymns which themselves are based on chant tunes (e.g. "Komm Gott Schoepfer = Veni Creator"). Christmas, Easter, and a few of the other notable feasts throughout the year usually find me preparing a Bach postlude. I've also used him for the occasional prelude, and once or twice for a communion piece after the antiphon and hymn.

    I'm coming from an OF context.
  • Schönbergian
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    Unfortunately the new Orgelwerke editions, seemingly published without reasoning, are far inferior to the old.
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    I have the old Schirmer edition but would like to acquire the Barenreiter.. What is your asking price? The Barenreiter
  • TCJ
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    My Barenreiter complete has eleven volumes. What year is yours? I bought mine about 13 years ago.
  • rich_enough
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    Edward Schaefer wrote a helpful book Bach for Catholics: Using Chorales in the Liturgy which goes over those organ pieces by Bach with some connection to the Catholic repertoire - either using familiar hymn melodies or chorale melodies based on chant.
  • It's BA 5179, if that helps, TCJ.