The Golden Sequence
  • I have found teaching the sequence for Pentecost, "Come, thou Holy Spirit, come!", a difficult task. For members of our choir, it is the way the chant appears in the book. Often, I copy chants (via Finale) so that the music and text is more "spread out" on the page and easier to read/sing. Only because of the length of the Golden Sequence, and my laziness, have I not done so with the "Veni Sancte Spiritus" sequence. Then, I found the answer to my problem in the wonderful "Complete English Propers for the High Mass" by Paul Arbogast (WLSM) published in 1964. In easy to read, spacious typeset, this publication of Sequence is "a blessing to receive". Unlike most printed versions, the verses are not "doubled up". Each verse has its own line of music. If you are looking for an "eye candy" version of this Sequence, check out the Arbogast. (I think that the Arbogast is available on line via The New Liturgical Movement website.)
  • Here is the link to the Arbogast book (page 77):