August 2021: sacred music workshop in Poland
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    Not sure how many of you are in Europe — or would like a good reason to visit Europe! — but here's something to consider:

    The Dominican Liturgical Center, based in Kraków, Poland and run by Fr. Łukasz Miśko, OP, a dear friend of mine, offers each summer a workshop on liturgical music. This year they're expanding its scope by the addition of English-language faculty. There will be sessions on Gregorian chant, Byzantine chant, Corsican polyphony, and contemporary liturgical music. The workshop runs August 16-22, and they offer housing as well — which is quite inexpensive (hooray for Polish exchange rates!).

    For more information, see here. Fr. Łukasz is the speaker in the teaser video.

    Attached please find a 2017 folio of liturgical music from the DLC (in English and Latin, and a brief ostinato in Spanish).