Psallite Domino from Solesmes/Turco
  • Fr. Ruff's magnum opus on liturgical music reform mentions in a footnote a chant book I didn't know about. It's called
    Psallite Domino and was compiled by Alberto Turco, whose recordings have been discussed on CMAA, and published by Solesmes. It appears to be for parish use, based on the Graduale Simplex, with Italian translations. (With any luck, the preceding link is to the Solesmes site, which contains a description in Italian.)

    Has anyone here used this book, or even has it and can comment on its contents and usefulness? Based on the Graduale Simplex, its use must be limited to the Missal of Paul VI. I also wonder about what rythmic notation, if any, it might use, being published by Solesmes in 1997, when I don't think they were publishing much.
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    I would also like to see info on this