Dominican Rite locations in US
  • Does anyone have any idea how many places observe the Dominican Rite? I have been to Holy Rosary in Portland, OR, which is actually where I learned what it was. I met a young lady who is leaving here for Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Connecticut, and from the terminology they use, they would seem to keep the old Rite. Does anyone know about that house? And it got me wondering. A dear friend at Holy Rosary assured me they were "very far from" the only place in the US that uses it.

    Many thanks.

  • St. Dominic in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California occasionally celebrates this rite.
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    A lay friend who is often in contact with the monastery tells me that the monastery does not currently use the traditional Dominican rite or foresee using it in the near future. The Divine Office is observed according to the current Roman breviary (four volumes). The nuns are using more Latin hymnody, but, he thinks, it has not become dominant. He says that OL of Grace is a faithful monastery and the nuns work hard to live the monastic way of life. A postulant is coming in July and there is a steady group of women discerning the vocation.
  • Thanks for the info. I think I was talking to the postulant--she said July--but we were both such chant nerds I forgot to ask her about the Latin. They used the Latin names for the Hours, etc, so I was wondering. Yes, it seemed like a very holy place.
  • Holy Family Old Cathedral in Anchorage, AK offers the Dominican Rite.
  • Our Dominican priest ( a helper, not the pastor) has just been reassigned to somewhere on the other coast. My son has a copy of the Dominican Rite, and I have sung it on occasion. EF
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    Mass is occasionally offered using the Dominican Rite at St. Vincent Ferrer, an OP parish in Manhattan (NYC).
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    St. Albert the Great Priory in Oakland, CA
    and the Dominican seminary in Berkeley
    and a couple area parishes.

    I attended a Solemn High Mass in the Dominican Rite at the Priory. It was not extremely different than a Solemn High Mass in the Roman Rite, but there were bits of detail that were different.

    I understand revival of the Old Rite in Oakland was driven by a handful of young priests, and was not without resistance.
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  • This is all very interesting. Of course, Adam, "not without resistence" could be the motto of the age for certain dioceses.

    How different is Dominican Chant?, he asked innocently, starting another thread.
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    It’s subtly different. Less dotted neumes. Different entrances for the choir.
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    St. Vincent Ferrer in NYC periodically uses the Dominican Rite .
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    Here is a listing of churches which celebrate and stream Mass in the Dominican Rite.
  • Stimson
    Do you mean less dotted (i.e., its a half-dot or a sliver of a moon) or fewer dotted (numerically less present)? I have sung using Dominican Propers once, and didn't have the chance to study them in enough detail.
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  • I completely forgot I asked that question. I see that Arch. Cordileone now has a TLM once a month and the first time is on the Feast of St. Dominic, so he is doing that Rite. figured it couldn't be too different if he was able to add it so naturally.