Antiphon "Qui docti fuerint"
  • doneill
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    I am looking for this antiphon, which the OCO says is on p. 119 of Officia Propria pro aliquibis locis, Supplementum ad Antiphonale Vaticanum, 1926. I can't find it on Gregobase or the Cantus Index. Can anybody help?
  • a_f_hawkins
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    It's here in the Antiphonale synopticum.
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  • smvanroodesmvanroode
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    annotation: VII a
    (c3) QUI(e) doc(hg)ti(h) fu(ij)é(j)rint(i) *(,) ful(i>)gé(h)bunt(j) qua(l)si(lk) splen(j>)dor(-iji) fir(g)ma(h)mén(ij>)ti,(i) (;) et(i) qui(i) ad(g) iu(h)sti(ij)ti(i)am(h) (`) e(f)rú(h)di(g)unt(fe~) mul(f>)tos,(e) (;) qua(f)si(ed) stel(ef)læ(f) (`) in(h) per(hg)pé(f)tu(g)as(h) †() æ(if)ter(g>)ni(f)tá(e)tes.(e) (::) T.P.: †() æ(if)ter(g>)ni(f)tá(e)tes,(ef) al(g>)le(fg)lú(e)ia.(e) (::) E(i) u(i) o(j) u(i) a(h) e.(gf) (::)

    If you put this gabc code in, for example, the Source & Summit editor, you get the score as it appears in Les heures grégoriennes III, p. 1204.