SAMEN Three part mixed Choral Ordinaries and Mass Settings
  • liampmcdonough
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    What are your favorite SAMen Mass ordinaries? Those of us with small choirs would love to know. I am well aware that you can search IMSLP and CPDL by voicing, as well as various other curated collections of music online, but I would like to know the specific 3 part mixed settings that you enjoy.

    The settings that I enjoy are:

    Byrd- Mass for 3 Voices
    Dalitz- Missa Tribus Vocibus
    Lotti- Messa a tre voci (Messa di studenti)
    Casciolini- Mass based upon Chant Masses XVII and XVIII
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  • StimsonInRehabStimsonInRehab
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    Does it have to be SAMen, or could it be Hers/His with Organ?
  • ServiamScores
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    My schola learned the Dalitz this year and fell in love with it. They are eager for the next special occasion where we get to sing it.

    Some of Dalitz’s other stuff is also nice like his Tollite Portas.

    We are also smitten with Jesu, Salvator Mundi sometimes attributed to Menegali, sometimes to Bartolommeo Cordans.
  • Moe Dalitz was a gangster, so this must not be the same person.

    Thank you for the suggestion of these Masses.
  • liampmcdonough
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    I would prefer three part mixed ordinaries in order to maximize the voices I have available in my choir, @StimsonInRehab

    Yes, that Tollite Portas is a nice one. I also love the Dalitz Ubi Caritas, though the choir has a lot of standard repertoire to hit before I throw that piece in the mix!
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    May I suggest my own Missa Sancti Joanni? Short and (I hope) sweet.
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