Quality Sacred Music in Chicago?
  • ncicero
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    Hi all!

    I'll be taking a three week break from playing at my parish in MN starting after next weekend, during which time I'll be on the music staff of an opera program in Chicago. (My pastor and business manager were gracious enough to make this possible for me)

    I'm excited to be able to experience Mass as a PIP- nice change of pace from being a musician- and I'm wondering what the go-to parishes are in Chicago for well-executed, liturgically astute sacred music, or unique organs. St. John Cantius and Holy Name Cathedral are on my list already, but I'm happy to hear any suggestions. I do realize that it's likely that choirs may not be active during the summer or curtailed due to local restrictions, but as long as I would be attending Mass anyway I thought I'd "parish shop" a bit! :)

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  • Gaudium
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    Chicago Opera Theater?

    I recommend Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on Belmont Ave. in Chicago. It's where I fell in love with the liturgy and sacred music (though the choir is essential, and they would not be there over the summer).
  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    Chicago Summer Opera? Does Codrut still run that? I sang with them under a different name about a decade ago
  • chonakchonak
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    A visit to the Monastery of the Holy Cross might be a nice addition.
    I don't know if the monthly choral vespers has resumed, but it was like this:

  • StimsonInRehabStimsonInRehab
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    St. Mary’s of Perpetual Help in Bridgeport; Kevin Allen is their musical director.

    Our Lady Immaculate in Oak Park (my old stomping grounds) has been known to do quality stuff, for those who don’t mind its, ahem, unique situation.
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  • ncicero
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    Chicago Summer Opera? Does Codrut still run that?

    You guessed it! Codrut is the festival music director/conductor. I will be music directing the scenes program.

    Thanks all for the suggestions!
  • ghmus7
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    Well Holy Name Cathedral used to have excellent music, and there is the great Flentrop, but I do not know what is there now.