"O Glorious St. Joseph," hymn with descant
  • Grace and peace, everyone.

    Here's a piece (text, tune, and harmonization mine) about St. Joseph, dedicated to my father. The tune name, EDWARDSVILLE, honors his Illinois hometown.

    [Tweaked a few things for the upcoming feast.]

    1. O glorious St. Joseph,
    How great your soul, how strong,
    In toil and dust how wise and just,
    How true to God your song;
    Observant of His Torah,
    You knew His precious grace,
    And saw His light in tender brightness
    Of Our Lady's face.

    2. How peerless was that Maiden,
    Our Galilean Queen!
    For her your heart was set apart
    In chastity serene;
    And when her very body
    Cast doubt upon her word,
    An angel came to guard her name,
    That you might guard Our Lord.

    3. At Bethlehem your lantern
    Met God within the straw;
    In Egypt's flight, in anxious night,
    A father's life you saw,
    A life of stalwart goodness
    And quiet sacrifice;
    At final breath, a holy death
    Was yours with Jesus Christ.

    4. And now you stand in friendship
    With vast angelic throngs,
    For still the fight for love and light
    To Heaven's realm belongs;
    O how you frighten Satan!
    No evil can he do
    When you arise to heed the cries
    Of those who honor you.

    5. When lure of clan is rising,
    When we are weak with sin,
    When those unborn meet scythe and scorn,
    When demons taunt within,
    Your arms are quick to seize us
    And raise us high to greet
    The Rose in bloom at our true home,
    Our Lady, fair and sweet.

    6. Arise, O mighty Joseph,
    Arise for us today,
    Your Church defend, good man, good friend,
    And in your kindness pray
    That this your house may flourish
    And worthily may laud
    The Holy Name the skies proclaim
    Of Jesus, Son of God!

    (c) 2024 Anna Bendiksen (b. 1969)
  • [Bumping for the feast.]