“We Walk by Faith”
  • CatholicZ09
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    Seeing as this Sunday’s Epistle is “…for we walk by faith and not by sight…” I was wondering how many of you typically use this hymn?

    As part of an OCP parish, I’ve only ever heard it to SHANTI. I never heard it to another tune until five years ago at my diocesan cathedral—to DUNLAP’S CREEK.

    The cathedral has Worship IV in the pews, which sets this to SHANTI, but I did some sleuthing and found that it had been set to DUNLAP’S CREEK in previous editions of Worship, so I’m guessing it may be preferred by the music director. I have to say, I think DUNLAP’S CREEK is the superior tune in this instance, and I like SHANTI.

    Do you use this hymn, and do you have a preference in tunes?
  • Even when I was in an OF parish, I used it very sparingly. There's nothing wrong with St. Paul's text. That's not the reason I avoided it.
  • vansensei
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    When I substitute cantored at Pentecost, I think it was to Shanti.
  • CharlesW
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    Our hymnal only had the Shanti version. I do like Dunlap's Creek.
  • Liam
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    For folks unfamiliar with the tune, the melody of the original is the middle line here:


    I strongly encourage musicians to engage with the original settings of shape-note tunes. Towards that end, here's an audio-visual:

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  • Caleferink
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    I've also seen it set to ST. ANNE ("O God, Our Help in Ages Past").
  • Calefrink,

    Was the text slightly altered, in that case, to read "We MARCH by faith...."?
  • TimTheEnchanterTimTheEnchanter
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    When I lived in Chicago (but before I was back in music ministry), the parish I went to set it to ST. FLAVIAN.
  • jclangfo
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    I'm planning to use this on Sunday
  • RevAMG
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    I only knew of "We Walk by Faith" sung to SHANTI (which I like) until I visited the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC and heard it played to DUNLAP'S CREEK. After hearing that, I prefer it sung to DUNLAP'S CREEK (even though I like SHANTI).
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  • MarkS
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    It is paired very effectively with ST BOTOLPH in H82
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    @MarkS, I like that. Nice!
  • SponsaChristi
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    My Latin Mass Community sang the Marty Haugen Shanti version (I don’t know why) and it sounded so cheesy. I had a very hard time singing it while keeping a straight face. I’m surprised to read that someone actually likes it. Maybe it works better in the OF, or if the organist doesn’t have a broken arm and thus can jazz it up some more to give it some dignity, but I felt like it should be sung fromaggio.
  • Carol
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    I cannot stand the Haugen version, especially because it is transcribed in mixed meter! What is obviously a pick up note for the first word is not written that way and so to "fix it" they made a half measure there and put a measure of 2/4 for the third measure. (At least that is how OCP has published it.)
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