• davido
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    Who offers MIDI expander modules for pipe organ?
    I know of the Vista Navigator of Allen. Are there others?

    We have a small hybrid instrument (Gundling, 1940s, out of Lancaster, PA, pipe work may be older) that has a Walker digital trumpet and mixture. What products that you know of might complement a colorful, early 20th cent tonal palette?
  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    Have you looked at the Choir Organ developed by our own Noel Jones? Web site is The Choir Organ
  • davido
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    Yes, I have seen that. Isn’t that designed more as a complete solution? I mean it doesn’t have a whole lot of solo options.
    What I would really like is some solo reed and flute options. There is a swell trumpet on the organ now, but it’s hard to solo with because the flute and the strings are also only on the swell.
  • CharlesW
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    Does Walker offer anything you can use? You mentioned you already have some Walker.