Ukrainian Cherubic Hymn wins internat’l Christian music competition
  • Although this is not from the Latin tradition, I though this group would appreciate this. A video is included with the music.

    - Fr. Dcn. John
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    I know I do!

    Frankly, I think the orthodox have some of the most transcendent chants that exist in Christendom. I find anything by Tchesnokov to be particularly beautiful, and this is certainly in that vein. There's no doubt that this music is 'sacred' through and through. Haunting, and beautiful.

    My only sadness is that these languages are impenetrable to me, which makes transcriptions terribly difficult, and I certainly couldn't coach a choir through singing it as it is.
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    (I did have to chuckle at about 3 minutes in where there's a pop and they clearly spliced two takes together; the pitch even shifts a bit. Sounds like a record pop.)

    Still beautiful.
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    They definitely have a niche in Sacred music. I have many scores from those composers although I never had the opportunity to employ them.
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