Traditional Propers and Polyphony for the feast of St. Charles Lwanga and companions?
  • I know he's not on the traditional calendar, universally, but I have a notation in a calendar that this feast is celebrated in "some places", on the traditional calendar.


    1) Does anyone have Propers for this festival (beyond Several Martyrs outside of Paschaltide, I mean)
    2) Does anyone know of any polyphony written for this festival, and, if not, what texts would be appropriate to set?
  • Chrism
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    Can you tell more about the calendar that has the notation? Was the date June 3rd? Was the calendar published in any particular country?
  • Chrism
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    I suspect some information might be in the book Die 3 Junii. Bb. Matthiæ Murumba Caroli Lwanga et sociorum, published 1923, or in In Africa Æquatoriali. Die 3 Junii. Bb. Matthiæ Murumba Caroli Lwanga et sociorum mart., published 1926, both of which are available in the British Library at St. Pancras, London.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    They were beatified in 1920, so presumably there was a cultus in Uganda. In 1920 the superior-general of the White Fathers was Archbishop Léon Livinhac, who had been present at the martyrdoms.
  • Chrism,

    The calendar I have in front of me is published by TAN, in Charlotte, and calls itself an academic-year calendar covering Sept 2013 to Dec 2014. The day in question is June 3rd.

    Thank you both for your helpful leads.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    For what it's worth: Charles Lwanga

    If this is correct, then the Proper is "Another Mass for Two or More Martyrs", LU 1166

    EDIT: Which wasn't the question. I'm more helpful than literate. Good luck.

  • Arthur Connick
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    Chris, do you have any info suggesting there is a proper mass for St. Charles Lwanga other than Several Martyrs outside of Paschaltide?
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    And according to RISM, for the Mass indicated above there are Introit settings by G.O. Pitoni (SATB bc), Antonio Bertali (SATB strings bc.), Senfl (5 vv), Christofano Piochi (SATB), J. Stadlmayr (SATB bc) and some 18th and 19c folks

    Gradual: G. Giorgi, Senfl, P. Cannicciari (several) G. Chiti (AT org) , Palestrina, Michael Haydn (SSA), Witt, Ett and others. Pretty popular as it also does duty for Holy Innocents.

    Alleluia: Giorgi

    Offertory: Giorgi, Witt, Foggia, Gasparini, Haller, Griesbacher, Jannacconi, Casali

    Communion: Santini

    Of course, since it's RISM, "some assembly may be required".
  • Arthur,

    No, I don't. My question meant "IS there such a Mass?"

    I suppose one might (have) start(ed) an inquiry with the Holy Ghost fathers.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    CGZ, you might, but
    White Fathers = Missionaries of Africa (M Afr)
    Holy Ghost Fathers = Spiritans (CSSp)
    both active in Africa, Spiritans more in West Africa.
  • In short, "White Fathers" not equal to "Holy Ghost Fathers".