Gathering Hymn: "Some Assembly Is Required" (SCHMUCKE DICH)
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    1. Some assembly is required,
    So we gather, God-inspired,
    Parts strewn out upon this altar,
    And the Lord puts us together:
    Some are oblong,
    Some don't fit right,
    Won't go in with-
    out a big fight!
    Yet the patient Lord keeps hammering
    Till He's finished with the dratted thing.

    2. Even with divine instructions
    We could not begin construction,
    Not unless we are assembled
    By that Craftsman's hands so nimble:
    Elbow grease nor
    Human labor
    Substitute for
    God's own favor:
    Parts can't make themselves a thingumjig,
    That's what makes God's grace a deal so big.


    *cough* *grin*?
  • tandrews
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    something something congrega nos...
  • SalieriSalieri
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    It looks like something from the New Century Hymnal (UCC).
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  • ronkrisman
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    If someone is wanting to write a strophic hymn parody, at the very least he or she should be able to get the rhymes and the meter right.
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  • NihilNominisNihilNominis
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    The text is about fitting things together that don't fit together well. The nightmare IKEA project that is ekklesia. The terrible rhymes and forced meter are part of the intended humor. Apparently that fell a bit flat.

    Such are message boards... and my insomniac sense of humor. I promise, Father, that it was funny at 5am.
  • TCJ
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    Considering some of the rhymes and meter I've seen in published material, I'd say you're ready to quit your day job and go at this full time.
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    So I know this is a joke as a hymn,
    but as a serious work of humorous poetry
    (in the Shel Silverstein tradition)
    I think it's wonderful.

    I write a lot of serious hymns and poetry,
    but some of my favorite pieces of my own work are silly poems.

    I’m not very good at the keyboard, I know
    I play things too loud, I play things too slow.
    But there’s one thing of all where I’m quite incomplete:
    I have no skills for playing old hymns with my feet.

    The world needs more silly - and yet actually good - poems,
    especially those from people of faith.

    And if you liked that organ one,
    wait til you see what I wrote about practicing piano.
  • NihilNominisNihilNominis
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    Thanks, Adam-- yes, it is silly/ serious. All the points are true!

    Thanks for sharing yours! (I grew up on Silverstein)
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