Hildegard O Euchari Can someone correct my work please?
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    I started with Page 21 https://imslp.simssa.ca/files/imglnks/usimg/e/e2/IMSLP80324-PMLP162944-Symphonia_et_Ordo_virtutum.pdf
    I have never tried to translate notation like this before so I thought I'd have a go.
    I'm starting with this as part of my chant video series because this particular work features heavily in Electronic Dance Music (believe it or not!) I thought this would be a neat opportunity to state that chant is inspired and still inspiring the hearts of the faithful and even giving people a baptism of faith.

    and I have made the following:
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    Hi All,

    Looking for a copy of O Euchari - I have found one, can read the notation fine but the words I struggle with in the handwritten format so I have been cheating with a modern notation.

    There also seems to be episemas in performances that aren't on the score I have so I'm a bit confused. Anybody knowledgeable in this particular chant? I figured this was a good place to ask.

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    If you have the whole chant made please share with me because it would save me hours of working out the code on gregorio! Haha.
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    For anyone following the deep link above fol. 476 is the scrolling target.
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    Thanks Yeah Fol 476 page 21
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    Latin (p. 2) and English (p. 2) texts are available in a previewable Google Book.

    The recordings are beautiful. I wish we had more devotion to St. Eucharius of Trier here, so we would have an excuse to sing it at Mass. (Although I am eyeing an Advent Feria on December 9, the day after his feast day...)
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    Why the epiphonus at the first in? I am also curious about the rhythmic markings. Are they based on a particular recording? Compare the manuscript notation at EUchari and mansiSTI. I think your edition might have it backwards. I also don't understand the episema at EuchaRI and ambulaSTI. Otherwise, it looks correct. This is stylistic, but I would use virga instead of punctum at the beginning of the climacus at ambulasti and use ! before the quilismata, and perhaps W instead of w so they're also followed by virgae.
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    @madorganist I don't fully follow but I'll have a crack at fixing it.
    Thank you for telling me this this is exactly what I want to learn.