Can the responsories on the Liber Hymnarius be used multiple times?
  • ARC_Jols
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    On the Liber Hymnarius, there are several responsories for the Office of Readings, but not enough for every single day.

    Can the same responsories be used on multiple days (sundays/ferias)?
  • FKulash
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    The General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours (246-252) discusses substituting texts "in particular cases" (246), but not on Sundays or feasts (247). Substituting one
    Scriptural reading for another is discouraged (248), but not mentioning other parts of the office implies it's more acceptable to change them. The wording throughout this section is generally weak; compare it to 282 which says the responsories "demand to be sung".

    The Liber Hymnarius isn't the only source for responsories. GregoBase ( ) has hundreds of them.