Illuminare Score Editor - removing initial indentation
  • Is there a way of removing initial indentation in the Illuminare Score Editor? I am using the online app. I know there is a new editor, but this works very well for my purposes, where I am copying pdf files into a Word Doc.

    I am editing the sequence 'Lauda Sion' and will break it into sections, so I don't want the indentations after the first verse, c.f. Solesmes Gradual, p. 379.

    Many thanks.
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    I'm not sure what you are referring to with 'indentations'. If you use a 'Z' after each section, the next section will start on a new line.

    (c3) LAu(c)da(e) Si(f)on(e) Sal(h)va(g)tó(f)rem,(e.) (;) Lau(f)da(g) du(e)cem(c) et(d) pas(c)tó(bc)rem,(e.) (;) In(f) hym(g)nis(f) et(e) cán(d)ti(e)cis.(e.) (::)
    2. Quan(c)tum(e) po(f)tes,(e) tan(h)tum(g) au(f)de:(e.) (;) Qui(f)a(g) ma(e)jor(c) o(d)mni(c) lau(bc)de,(e.) (;) Nec(f) lau(g)dá(f)re(e) súf(d)fi(e)cis.(e.) (::)
    3. Lau(g)dis(e) the(f)ma(e) spe(i)ci(h)á(gvFE'f)lis,(g.) (;) Pa(g)nis(f) vi(h)vus(e) et(c) vi(d)tá(c)lis(b.) (;) Hó(f)di(g)e(f) pro(e)pó(d)ni(e)tur.(e.) (::Z)
    4. Quem(g) in(e) sa(f)cræ(e) men(i)sa(h) cœ(gvFE'f)næ,(g.) (;) Tur(g)bæ(f) fra(h)trum(e) du(c)o(d)dé(c)næ(b.) (;) Da(f)tum(g) non(f) am(e)bí(d)gi(e)tur.(e.) (::)
    5. Sit(e) laus(i) ple(j)na,(h) sit(i) so(gf)nó(h)ra,(i.) (;) Sit(i) ju(h)cún(g)da,(f) sit(h) de(i)có(i)ra(e.) (;) Men(f)tis(g) ju(f)bi(e)lá(d)ti(e)o.(e.) (::Z)
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  • Thanks, this may solve the problem. I can fiddle a little with spacing. I meant the initial indentation given to the first stave line in each file. Now I can try using 'Z' in one file. Thanks very much!
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    I think the 'Indentation' is actually referring to the Drop cap. Not that I know how to remove it.
  • Yes, so I am dividing the sequence into separate files in order to insert them into a Word doc. as pdfs. Each file has (by default it seems) space before the first stave. That's fine for the first verse but not subsequent ones. I want it to look like it does on the Solesmes Gradual. My 2nd, 3rd, 4th pages of chant should not have space before the uppermost stave. Impossible, it seems! At least using the online editor.
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    If you set the chant on your own machine, rather than online, it is possible, apparently. It looks complicated :-
  • Yes, I thought it might be. I'm afraid I don't have time right now - deadline on the weekend for printing! I have made separate files of all verses using "~" to subvert the enlarged initial character, which in my edition is the verse no. It looks OK and I can live with it. I am putting learning how to use it on my machine, but I can see it's coming! Cheers, all!
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    The processor at has an option to leave the initial letter at normal size with no extra indent.
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    Yes! Just set the initial style to 0 (in the options below the paste box).
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  • Thanks again, all, for replying. Very helpful.