part-time organist needed for Holy Ghost Parish in Knoxville, Tennessee
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    Hi, all--

    I'm music director for Holy Ghost Parish in Knoxville, Tennessee. It's a small but growing and solidly orthodox Catholic parish with good priests who appreciate the Church's liturgical ideals.

    The young organist who's been working with me since September has now graduated from high school and in early August will head off to university. So we're hiring again.

    The organist will play two Masses every Sunday--one in the ordinary form of the Mass at 10 a.m. and one in the extraordinary form at noon. The organist attends choir rehearsals only rarely. He/she will play on Holy Days of Obligation and for all Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter liturgies. He/she can receive extra pay by playing for weddings and funerals.

    I program the liturgies, but the organist will have nearly complete latitude in choosing organ repertory for preludes, postludes, and the periods after offertory and Communion. Familiarity with Catholic liturgy is required, and the abilities to accompany Gregorian chant, read the four-line staff, and improvise on chant are highly desirable.

    Interested organists--or indeed, anyone with questions--can contact me by email (, text, or phone (865-437-8620).

    Here's a link to some information about the instrument:

    Learn more about the parish here:

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