Nature seems to be healing...
  • CatholicZ09
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    For a while, now, we've been using single-use worship aids at our cathedral, but at the direction of the cantor today, the worship aids were "placed in the pews" (as they always were pre-pandemic) and "may remain in the pews at the conclusion of Mass." I'm wondering if the hymnals will soon be back, too.

    Hymnals are starting to reappear at other churches across our diocese. It's nice to see some normalcy returning.

    Now, I wonder if there will be complaints about this. I mean, you can always choose not to pick-up the worship aid or hymnal...
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  • SponsaChristi
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    Yeah, we were just placed under a 15 person limit for places of worship (no limit for people going to the Mall).
  • CharlesW
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    I will go back when I feel safe, not when someone else says so. Fifteen limit? That's really low.
  • We managed three-part music this morning.