New Funeral "Chant" (Hymn)
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    I believe I shared this on this forum once before in the context of another thread, but I cannot find that thread to save my life. Therefore I've decided to share it again here so it is easier to find in the future, especially for people searching the forum for funeral music / funeral chants.

    This is a funeral hymn based on a text by Edmund S. Palmer but wedded to a melody that is loosely in the style of gregorian hymns.

    Jesus, Lord, have mercy, on the souls so blest,
    who in faith gone from us now in death find rest.
    Here, ’mid stress and conflict, toils can never cease;
    there, the warfare ended, bid them rest in peace.

    Sorely were they wounded in the deadly strife;
    heal them, Good Physician, with the balm of Life.
    Ev'ry taint of evil, frailty and decay,
    good and gracious Savior, cleanse and purge away.

    Grant them rest eternal after weary fight'
    shed on them the radiance of Your heav'nly Light.
    Lead them onward, upward, to the holy place
    where Your saints, made perfect, gaze upon Your Face.

    Feel free to use/share.
  • liampmcdonough
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    This is nice. Out of curiosity, why did you choose to change the mode away from the Dorian to the Aeolian in the second half?
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    The best I could tell you is I like the way it sounds. Sad to say I wasn't thinking in terms of modes in the slightest.
  • Schönbergian
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    I don't see it as a mode change personally; the B-flat is a normally altered auxiliary (albeit resolving to G instead of A), which you would see all the time in authentic chant.
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    Yeah, I was looking at this and thinking something similar. I might have called this mode i with Do clef on the top line. Which is essentially the same exact way you have written it. I might be wrong, but that's just what I thought when I looked at it.
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    In any case, and I'm sorry I didn't mention this in my previous post, I really like it! If it's ok, I would like to use it! Thank you for sharing.
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    I suppose I could have indeed used do clef. I’m really mad at myself because I did this last august, and forgot to save the gabc code... so to fix it I’d have to do it all over again and I’m abysmal at gabc. Project for another day.