Music for Holy Thursday
  • I was wondering if anyone could identify a piece usually sung at the transfer of the most blessed sacrament at my church. This year it was sung at communion time. I really like it and was wondering what it was. Can anyone help me out? I will link a video from the church youtube channel. I will include the time stamps of start and stop after the link.

    Video here:

    It begins at: 1:34:10
    It ends around: 1:37:15
  • chonakchonak
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    Here's a direct link to the start:

    but, man, that is terrible audio with all that foot traffic. Anyway, I wish I could recognize the piece and get you an answer.

    Have you sent the music director an e-mail to ask what the piece is?
  • CGM
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    I agree with Chonak — reaching out to the director is the best way to go. Most directors are overjoyed that someone was listening closely enough to enquire about a specific piece of music after the fact.