ISO typesetter for hymnal creation?
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    I would like to know if there is anyone here with strong experience making a compilation of typeset hymns? We are considering embarking on creation of a hymnal that could possibly be marketed to all TLM parishes. Would be a quite large hymnal, and would want to mix in gregorian chant notated hymns, along w/ majority of modern notation hymnody. We have compiled so far our Advent/Christmas/Epiphanytide sections of the hymnal, and know we would want the full kyriale. Will be working shortly on compiling finalized contents for Lent/Easter.

    For anyone interested in helping us with this work, we would want to gauge with you extent of the cost for hiring to typeset.

    Just looking to get the ball rolling more on this project and gauge the cost for help with the intial typeset of the whole thing.

    Thank you!

    P.S. - don't need to hear of other hymnals you think would work for us; we've seen them all, believe me, and this is the direction our director wants to take.
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    pm me
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    Also check out
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    Hello Stella, I've sent you a PM.
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    Talk to Noel Jones. Francis is also excellent!