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    I'm generally seen as the "musical traditionalist" in my parish, as I lead the gregorian chant schola, and participate in the liturgy commission where I don't refrain from pushing the "reform of the reform" or expressing my disdain for modern catholic music.

    I've been singing with the "Adult Traditional" Haugen/Haas choir for the past few months, and have been well received for my contributions. I tell you, it is all I can do to sing much of this music and not wretch . . .

    anyway, I have been asked to Cantor with another gentleman at a couple of Masses in June, and the suggestion was made that for the responsorial psalm, he would sing the first verse, I would sing the second, and we would sing the third verse together (in thirds). Problem is, there is only one microphone at the ambo and we'd have to "share" it for the 3rd verse and final antiphon.

    Is this licit or advisable? I said "yes" already, but now I'm having hesitations about it. Something just does not seem right about "sharing a mic" at the ambo to sing a Psalm verse . . . .

    your thoughts are appreciated.
  • priorstf
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    We did this once about a year ago and musically it was okay. There's nothing I know of that specifically forbids this, although all the documentation I've found refers to "cantor" in the singular. That being said, it felt quite awkward. I'm not sure the congregation understood what was going on, and we've not repeated it since.