St. Annes' Episcopal in DeSoto - Dallas.
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    St. Anne’s parish, DeSoto, TX is looking for a part-time organist/choir director. This position will require playing one service per Sunday (10am) with a brief choir rehearsal before the service. The music will be traditional hymns sung within sacramental worship. Our organ is a Rodgers Classic Series, Model 559 (i.e. not a pipe organ). Familiarity with Catholic or Episcopalian liturgy is a plus. Our parish is greatly appreciative of music and is looking for someone to promote music in the liturgy and concerts, and in the life of the parish, especially and the parish grows. Church owns three grand pianos, teaching facilities available, and salary offered.  Occasionally, the organist will be called upon to play additional services. For instance, Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, funerals, weddings, etc. All interested applicants should contact Fr. David Miller at

    P.S. (posters note) the church is a beautiful example of liturgical art with stained glass form Europe.
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