Choral settings of the Trisagion (Thrice-Holy Hymn)
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    I'm interested in memorable choral settings of the Trisagion ("Holy God, Holy Mighty One...), or Thrice-Holy Hymn, that are also very singable. English or Latin would be of interest. Of course the text is set in the Victoria reproaches, but I'd like to find something else. Could anyone with a good collection of Byzantine hymnals dig some out for us?

    Am I asking because of Good Friday? Am I asking because of Divine Mercy devotions? The world may never know. ;)
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    I have no idea.
    However, during our shut-down, the Byzantine priest had Divine liturgy for 9 people at a time and we were invited to our own liturgy even though he knew we would not continue after the shut-down. It was truly divine and I will be forever grateful.

    If you are on FB, ask to join the Catholic Organists page. You may find something there.
  • CharlesW
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    You can listen to an Orthodox version here. What I have I could get into copyright issues if I copied them for you. You might try Byzantine Seminary Press site for an English Catholic setting.
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    We sing one at Walsingham throughout Lent, a four part one that at least sounds very Russian. I don't know the composer, but it is very syllabic, very moving, and very easy. It can be sung with melody only or in four parts - which have a very Russian sound.

    The treble parts run thusly -
    Ho - - - | ly } God, (notes = ) G-F-Bb } A | G- F

    Ho - - - | ly | Migh - | ty (notes = ) G- F - Bb | A | G - | F

    Ho - - | ly - Im -| mor - tal | One | have \ mer- | cy . up | on . us.
    (notes =) Bb | C . C | D . D | C | Bb | A . A. A | G . G.

    I hope that's not unclear.
    It should be sung at a very, very sober pace.
    Your could fill in the G-minor harmony.
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    There's a harmonized chant setting for three voices in the Johannine Hymnal, published by the American Catholic Press in 1970. The words are in Latin, Greek, Old Church Slavonic and English. It's a rather surprising find in such a collection. One of the editors, Rev. Joseph Cirou, was a priest of the Ukrainian rite. As CharlesW mentioned, this could run into copyright issues.
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    Jehan_Boutte: We have sung this in the past! Gorgeous!
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  • liampmcdonough
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    The setting at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham is by Aleksandr Amdreevich Arkhangel'skīi, and can be found at
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    Thank you, all, for your responses. You have given me food for thought. Happy Easter!
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    In case you haven't checked CPDL, these settings of the Reproaches for Good Friday include the Trisagion in various languages.
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    Thank you. Yes, I did check CPDL. ;)
  • chonakchonak
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    Roman Hurko's "Liturgy no. 3" in English has this setting: