Feast of the Annunciation 2021
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    12 noon EF Solemn High Mass, all diocesan clergy including 4 in choir. My eldest son was M.C. (Aged 14) assisted by his brothers and cousins aged 13, 12, 12, 10, 10, 10! All of course socially distanced!

    Introit: Vultum tuum (Gregorian Chant)
    K. Missa super dixit Maria, Hassler
    G. Missa super dixit Maria, Hassler
    Gradual: Diffusa est (Gregorian Chant)
    Tract: Audi filia (Gregorian Chant)
    C. Missa super dixit Maria, Hassler
    Offertory: Ave Maria (Gregorian Chant)
    OFF. Motet. Dixit Maria, Hassler.
    S. Missa super dixit Maria, Hassler
    B. Missa super dixit Maria, Hassler
    A. Missa super dixit Maria, Hassler
    Communion: Ecce Virgo concipiet (Gregorian Chant)
    Motet: Ave Maris Stella, Hassler
    Marian Anthem, Ave Regina... Solemn tone
  • You have a very learned family, and some very impressive youth!
    Should one conclude that you have a fondness for Hassler?
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    I played two feast day Masses at two different churches, a requiem, and a Chrism Mass. Which one is most of interest? :-)
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    The Missa super Dixit Maria is a masterful parody Mass on Hassler's motet Dixit Maria ad angelum (which was used for the Offertorium). The Ave Maris Stella at Communion was a real bonus! How I wish I could have been there!!
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    'Mary, did you know' anyone?
    My 30-years-ago-we-were-a-youth-choir had it on the program last year, but then came covid-19...
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    It was a school Mass. And they OUT OF NOWHERE broke into Victoria's Ave Maria, without conductor as well. It was so cool
  • That reminds me of when, on a bus ride back to the choir school from a funeral, the boys started singing Mendelssohn's Ave Maria from memory...

    I served a beautiful Solemn High Mass for the feast. It was so refreshing to serve after having been trapped at my previous church for so long.

    And good news - my "basement schola" is singing Easter Sunday at that church too - a 2:30PM Missa Cantata - EF! I'm very excited and thankful to God for these developments.
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    We had been asked by our Parish priest to sing polyphony, we would usually sing chant on feasts during the week. Fortunately most of the choir had booked a holiday and the Missa super Dixit Maria seemed ideal for the occasion. I had also wanted the choir to sing the Parsons Ave Mara but our experienced Bass dropped out so the Ave Maris Stella was a good replacement. We sang our other Marian pieces the Byrd Quem terra pontus and the O gloriosa Domina on Laetare Sunday. It is good to have some variety, and with a volunteer choir it is difficult to build a large repertoire that can be called upon at short notice.
    Those Hassler settings are sublime, although I sadly can't claim to know many of his other works. We are lucky to have such treasures.

    You would have be most welcome to join us, but the distance to travel is rather large. It is thanks to CPDL that we have access to this wonderful music.

    I think the highlight was the Credo, Hassler's treatment of the Et incarnatus was especially beautiful on this feast day.
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    Here's an excellent recording of the Hassler:

    Missa super Dixit Maria - Hans Leo Hassler
    Ensemble Vocal Européen de la Chapelle Royale
    Philippe Herreweghe, director
    width="1280" height="720">

    And Aristotle Esguerra's score from CPDL.

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