Septem Verba Christi in Cruce
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    I'd like to share a longer composition that I just completed and that I've been working on the last few weeks. I had observed some similarities between some of the words spoken by Christ on the cross and some of the words of Our Lady recorded in the Gospels. After paring them up, I set them to music with two alternating choirs of men and women (TBB and SSA). In a few places the two choirs come together -- especially at the end. Digital rendering and free PDF are at the following link:

    In the subtitle of the piece, I have "Reflectantur Verbis Mariae" by which I intend to say "Reflected by the Words of Mary". I am not a Latin scholar, so if this is the wrong form of the verb "to reflect" I'd appreciate a correction from someone who knows better.

    Feedback is welcome.
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    This is profoundly beautiful and moving!
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