Happy Saint Joseph's Day!
  • CatherineS
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    Did anyone celebrate? Any favorite music you'd recommend for devotional use at home?
  • Felicia
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    We had a solemn version of a daily Mass at 12:15 pm, Ordinary form, in English except for the Missal Chants. All singing was a capella, and there was incense.

    Before the entrance antiphon: Litany of St. Joseph (recited)

    Father chanted the Collect, Preface, and Eucharistic prayer

    Entrance, Offertory, and Communion antiphons from the Simple English Propers, intoned by our liturgist

    Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, chants from the Roman missal. The congregation knows and sings these well.

    Gloria (because it is a solemnity)--recited

    Pater Noster--the familiar setting by Robert Snow

    After the Communion antiphon, the liturgist sang the translation of "Caelitum Joseph" from the Magnificat magazine to the tune "Iste Confessor".

    There were about 60 or 65 people. This may be more than the usual number of daily Mass attendees, owing to the feast day and to the fact that faculty and staff at the university where I work had today off as "Spring Break" and, thus, were able to go today, whereas they cannot on most days (that was the case for me, anyway). I guess there are at least 50 regular daily Mass-goers on any day at my parish, but the chant and incense did make it more festive than a typical daily Mass.
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  • tomjaw
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    12 noon EF Mass (It was going to be a Solemn High Mass but one of the clergy was ill.)

    INT. Justus ut palma (G. R. 1924)
    KY. Byrd 3 part Mass
    G. Byrd 3 part Mass
    Grad. Domine, praevenisti eum (G. R. 1924)
    Tract. Beatus vir (G. R. 1924)
    Credo. I
    (We were missing our more experienced Bass, so did not do Byrd's setting as usual)
    Off. Veritas mea (G. R. 1924)
    Off motet. Cum esset Disponsata, Issac
    San. Byrd 3 part Mass
    Ben. Byrd 3 part Mass
    Agn. Byrd 3 part Mass
    Com. Joseph fili David, (G. R. 1924)
    Com. Motet. Ave Verum, Byrd
    Marian Anthem, Ave Regina... Solemn tone

    After Mass we had Litany and Consecration to St. Joseph, followed by the Hymn 'Te Joseph..'
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    I attended a glorious TLM Missa Cantata with full schola that did a mass setting by Josef Gruber and also sang motets by Byrd, Ravanello, and Bruckner. Traditional parish with all its original fixtures; matching vestment set from the diocesan museum stitched in gold thread that took awards at the Parisian exposition of 1900 and the church was packed. 65% of the congregation was under 30.

    The cat is out of the bag.

    It. Was. Glorious.
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    We had Vespers with Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament as we typically do on Fridays of Lent, but of course more festive this time. Virus restrictions in my diocese currently prevent me from having more than a solo cantor and organist, although we're being allowed a quartet for Holy Week.

    - O salutaris (Werner)
    - Come Now and Praise the Humble Saint (Land of Rest)
    - Psalms 15 and 112, and Revelation 15 to Meinrad chant, alternating stanzas between cantor and congregation
    - Magnificat (Chepponis, by parish demand)
    - Pater noster chanted
    - Tantum ergo (chant)
    - Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
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  • oldhymnsoldhymns
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    7 p.m. Mass on March 19, celebrated by the Bishop of Fall River, Edgar daCunha, at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption

    Entrance - Holy Patron, Thee Saluting (sung to Pleading Savior--not my favorite melody for this hymn [Sing of Mary] but it is in OCP)
    Offertory - Come Holy Ghost, Send Down Those Beams
    Communion - Litany of St. Joseph with hand bells
    Dismissal - Great St. Joseph, Son of David (Bishop Louis Casartelli)

    I'm attaching a hymn pamphlet, compiled by Theodore Marier, of St. Joseph hymns you may find useful.

  • drjones
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    Nothing too exotic here.

    Prelude -- St. Beuno
    Introit -- from my wife's project, discussed elsewhere on the forums :-)
    Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei -- Mass VIII
    Resp. Psalm -- chanted, Mode I
    Gospel Acclamation -- my wife's composition
    Offeratory -- Simple English Propers
    Communio -- St. Meinrad
    Post-communio -- Hail to the Lord Who Comes
    Recessional -- O Salutaris Hostia (Mass segued into Adoration)
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  • Steve CollinsSteve Collins
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    We had an EF High Mass downtown at Sacred Heart including musicians and altar servers from Stella Maris. The Propers from from the GR (Introit and Communion, the latter with Psalm verses), the rest using Psalm tones. The Ordinary was one I put together calling it "Mass in Honor of Ss. Augustine", with Kyrie, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei modified from the Merbecke Communion Setting, the Old Scottish Chant for Gloria, and the Ambrosian Credo (Symbolum). I think a high point may have been the Offertory hymn - one that Peter Kwasniewski discovered on the internet and asked about music to. Someone either found it in chant notation or created it, and I composed an accompaniment for it.
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