2021 Holy Week (York, PA)
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    As promised by my previous post (see https://forum.musicasacra.com/forum/discussion/18788/opportunity-to-sing-old-holy-week-chant-polyphony#Item_9), below is a schedule and list of programmed music for this year.

    In case anyone is local or interested in traveling, not otherwise engaged, and willing/able to participate, we are quite frankly most in need of Gregorian singers to add voices for propers and psalmody (on the men's side, especially) - as well as, ideally, an additional voice for Good Friday's passion and Tenebrae/Easter Matins lessons; and could certainly use extra voices on the Durufle Ubi Caritas and Allegri, since for proper rendering these require more than one voice per SSATB.

    Additional singers on standard SATB parts are most welcome, though we are at least covered there. And, as noted already, a small stipend plus travel expenses are available.

    Finally, it goes without saying that if any who would contemplate joining us have any favorite pieces for this time of year not listed below, we're more than happy to accomodate!

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    Tenebrae (6pm Wed, Thurs, Fri evenings):
    --common to three nights (unless otherwise noted in section below):
    all Gregorian psalms and antiphons
    all Gregorian responsories
    all Lessons, as follows:
    ----first nocturn, Lamentation tone from Liber (Oratio for 3rd Lesson Friday night) or Mozarabic tone from Solesmes book
    ----second nocturn, proper Benedictine tone from Laudes Festivae
    ----third nocturn, prophecy tone from Liber
    Benedictus & proper antiphon - Gregorian
    Psalm 50 - recto

    --specifics for each night at variance w/ above:

    ----Holy Thursday (Wed night), polyphonic responsories:
    In monte oliveti - Palestrina SATB
    Tristis est - Michael Haydn SATB
    Ecce vidimus - Ingegneri (reprise only) SATB
    Amicus meus - Viadana SATB
    Unus ex discipulis - Victoria (reprise only) SATB
    Senioris populi - di Lasso (repriese only) SATB

    ----Good Friday (Thurs night)
    --Vinea mea - Palestrina (reprise only) SATB
    --Tamquam ad latronem - Victoria (reprise only) SATB
    --Animam meam - di Lasso (reprise only) SATB
    --Tradiderunt - Victoria SATB
    --Caligaverunt - Aretino (repsise only) SATB

    ----Holy Saturday (Fri night)
    --Plange - Viadana (reprise only) SATB
    --Ecce quomodo - di Lasso (reprise only) SATB
    --O vos omnes - Victoria SATB
    --Sepulto Domino - Handl (reprise only) SATB
    Psalm 50: Allegri's Miserere SATB + voices for concluding verse (as available)


    Palm Sunday (9am)
    --All Gregorian sung (incl. responsory Collegerunt, palm-blessing antiphons, all Mass pats - simply follow pre-1956 liber), except as noted:
    --Asperges - Gregorian w/ Isaac 4-part used for reprise SATB
    --Palm distribiution: Pueri Hebraeorum (we sing Gregorian once, then follow each setting, one for each text, with polyphony - one by Palestrina, other Victoria) - both SATB
    --Motet(s) - In monte oliveti - Palestrina SATB; Ave Regina Coelorum - di Lasso SATB; O Domine Jesu Christe - José Luis de Muguerza SATB

    Holy Thursday (1pm)
    --All Gregorian sung (except polyphony as noted below)
    --Ordinary IX, Credo III; Sanctus and Agnus Dei in SAB polyphony (I don't know composer - can send music sheets)
    --Gradual - SATB polyphony by Yon (from hymnal) (note this isn't an extraordinary work of art but it's traditional/customary for us having done it for many years)
    --Motets - Christus Factus, Anerio SATB; Domine tu mihi lavas - Cardoso SATB; Ubi caritas - Durufle; Ave Verum - Byrd SATB; Qui manducat - Merulo (SATB)
    --Vespers/stripping of the altar (Diviserunt sibi) - recto

    Good Friday
    --All Gregorian sung (except polyphony as noted below)
    --Crucem tuam antiphon - possible SAB polyphonic reprise from Motecassion Codes (this is neat but difficult to pull off cleanly)
    --Crux fidelis - last refrain following gregorian - Clemens non Papa (SATB)
    --Vexilla regis - simple SAB alternating with Gregorian verses; final verses: polphony by Gines Perez SATB
    --Motet(s) - Adoramus te (traditional, incorrectly attr. Palestrina) SATB; Adoramus te - SAB di Lasso; Adoramus te - SATB (Dubois); Vexilla regis - M. Praetorius SATB; O bone Jesu (traditional, incorrectly attr. Palestrina) SATB; Arbor decora - SAB (Palestrina); O sacred head - Latin/Gregorian, English, unison and last verse SATB harmony;
    --Vespers (recto)

    Holy Saturday
    --All Gregorian sung (except as noted): Mass I (Kyrie, following litany; Gloria; Sanctus); no Credo
    --Sicut Cervus - Palestrina (in place of processional tract) SATB
    --Cito Euentes - M. Praetorius SATB
    --Maria Magdanele - Gabrieli SATB
    --Vespers: Gregorian w/ harmony for first antiphon/psalm and Magnificat antiphon; Magnificat, SAB faux bordone (traditional); antiphon (Ps 116) and magnificat antiphon reprise, Byrd SAB

    General/extra triduum/passiontide motes as needed:

    --Salvator Mundi - Tallis (SSATB)
    --Domine Jesu Christe - Juan de Antxieta SATB
    --Stabat Mater - numerous SATB settings for "filler"

    --Matins/Lauds (2pm Sat) - all Gregorian; Benedictine lesson tones from Laudes Festivae
    --Mass - Byrd SAB, incl. Credo
    --all Gregorian propers
    --motets: Christus resurgens, SAB di Lasso; Maria Magdalens - Dulot (SATB); Regina Coeli - Lotti SATB
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