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    Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts invites applications for its Director of Collegiate Choirs. Please see the job description for more details. The position is part-time, with the possibility of full-time employment in combination with administrative work.

    Applications should include a cover letter, CV, and the names of three references. They should be sent to administration@magdalen.edu (with the Subject line "Choir Director") by Monday, April 12.

    Director of Collegiate Choirs
    Job Description

    The Mission of the College:
    Magdalen College seeks to serve her students, their families, the Church, and society by providing a premier Catholic, great books, liberal arts education that is faithful to the magisterium and rooted in a vibrant liturgical and sacramental culture, calling all within her collegiate community to a life of intellectual excellence, service, and faithful discipleship.

    Unity of Purpose
    Applicants for this position should review carefully the content found here:
    When applying for this position, the applicant should indicate in his or her cover letter that he or she has read and understood the content found on these pages.

    Job Summary
    The Director of Collegiate Choirs is responsible for continuing the musical traditions at the college. The Director of Collegiate Choirs organizes, rehearses and directs the all-college choir, polyphony choir and chant schola. The Director of Collegiate Choirs oversees the music at Mass, including the development of cantors, psalmists and organists, ensuring the music contributes to the reverent celebration of the liturgy and is approved by the Chaplain.

    Essential Functions

    • Rehearses the all-college choir to prepare to sing at Masses and other special events. Music includes traditional chant, motets and hymns.
    • Oversees the selection of music for both Sunday and daily Masses. Ensures that the type and quality of music is consistent with the college’s traditions, contributes to the reverent celebration of the liturgy and is approved by the Chaplain.
    • Selects, trains and coaches student cantors, psalmists and organists.
    • Maintains the college’s traditions, practices and level of excellence in relation to sacred music.
    • Promotes a desire to sing, especially among students who have not previously sung in choirs.
    • Communicates the teachings of the church regarding sacred music.
    • Rehearses the Chant Schola, preparing it to sing at several Extraordinary Form and Ordinary Form Masses throughout the year.
    • Rehearses the Polyphony Choir, preparing it to sing at several Masses and events throughout the year, including a New England tour in early December.
    • Directs the choir, or a volunteer schola, at several events throughout the year including, but not limited to, Holy Week and Easter, singing at nursing homes, singing at the opening to the 40 Days for Life in New Hampshire, caroling in downtown Warner and singing in local parishes.
    • Maintains the music library.
    • Manages choir work study students.
    • Oversees the care of the college’s pianos and organ.

    Transition Plan and Reporting
    The Magdalen College choir program is unique among college music programs. All students are required to participate, regardless of ability, and the choir is expected to sing at a level of excellence consistent with reverent liturgies. There are no music majors at the college and students are not required to practice outside of choir rehearsals.

    In order for the new Director of Collegiate Choirs to successfully continue the musical traditions at the college, he or she will be mentored by the Emeritus Director during the first year of employment through regular online meetings and several in-person visits. The incoming choir director must be willing to take direction from the Emeritus Director.

    Following the first year, the choir director reports directly to the Academic Dean with regard to the academic requirements of the position and directly to the president with regard to the liturgical requirements.

    Minimum Education, Skills and Ability

    • Bachelor’s degree in music;
    • Demonstrated musical ability;
    • Demonstrated keyboard skills for use in rehearsals;
    • Strong background in vocal pedagogy;
    • Experience conducting a choir;
    • Knowledge of the tradition of sacred music in the Catholic Church;
    • Commitment to promoting beautiful liturgies;
    • Flexibility to direct the choir at Mass on Sundays and at special events as required;
    • Strong organizational skills.

    Preferred Education, Skills, and Abilities

    • Master’s degree in music;
    • Experience directing a choir at the high school or collegiate level;
    • Extensive knowledge of sacred music and the teachings of the church regarding music in the liturgy.

    Special Requirements

    • Ability to meet a flexible work schedule, including some evenings and/or weekends;
    • Ability to travel for Polyphony Tour and/or to participate in meetings, conferences, and other related activities;
    • Subject to a criminal background check prior to employment; and
    • Willingness to take the Oath of Fidelity described above, if Catholic, and respect the Catholicity of the college and its mission, if not.

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