Best harmonization/descant for last verse of "Jesus Christ is Risen Today"?
  • I'm wondering if anybody has a personal favorite descant or special harmonization for Jesus Christ is Risen Today, to be used in the last verse. I'm thinking something similar to the last 2 verses of the Willcocks "O Come All Ye Faithful" arrangement, though I know that very few arrangements could possibly top that! But unfortunately, I haven't had much luck finding any good alternative harmonizations other than the original one. Any ideas?
  • I don't recall who composed it, but a very fine one is sung at Kings. You might contact them, or, if all else fails you could listen to it and write it down.

    There are, of course, no descants, not one, that are better that English ones.

    Your feelings about Willcocks's one for Adeste fideles is almost beyond compare, althoug I am beginning to tire of it. There is another one sung now at Kings that you might search out.
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    Sir David Willcocks's setting is in "100 Carols for Choirs" (OUP)

    Sir Stephen Cleobury's setting is in "Hymns From King's" (Chester)

    Christopher Robinson's (former Director of Music at St. John's College, Cambridge) is in "The Novello Book of Descants" (Novello)

    Alec Baldwin has a setting in "Descants for all Seasons" (OUP)

    John Rutter's setting is in "The Oxford Book of Descants" (OUP)