Opinions on "Mass in Honor of Pope Paul VI"
  • One of the most common Mass settings in my area (rural South Texas) is the old Mass setting by Edward E. Conner Mass in Honor of Pope Paul VI. I've never heard it outside of our little slice of Texas countryside. Is it still used in other places? What does everyone think of it? I'm assuming it was popular in the 1970s after it was first composed.
    It has been my default Gloria for years, although I'm not a huge fan of the setting over all. Also, did Conner compose any other music? Nothing comes up when searching for him, likely because he died 30+ years ago.
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    I used the Gloria from the Pope Paul VI Mass frequently when I lived/worked in Ohio (this was just before the current edition of the Roman Missal was published - I haven't used any revision of it). I don't remember if I used the rest of the Mass or if I used it as a standalone piece. The Gloria seemed solid enough to me.
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    I used it at a church where I subbed prior to 2011. It wasn't my choice, it was the mass they had used for some time. I haven't seen it since.
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    I remember singing this Mass setting at a parish in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the 1980's when that parish was using the J.S. Paluch missalette and We Celebrate hymnal. I don't think they've used it since (maybe) the '90s. My current parish sang the Gloria a few times just before the new translation of the Missal came out, as a way of transitioning from a Gloria with refrains to a through-composed one. It's not exciting music, but I'd rather sing it than some other settings I know.
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    St. Mary's Choir in Akron, Ohio used to sing this mass nearly every Sunday, except for Christmas, Easter and Sunday's when we used a Latin Mass setting. I sang in choir from 1977-2010. We used the Kyrie from "A Simple Tune Mass in English" by Carroll Thomas Andrews. I think it's a good mass for choir and congregation. If you were to use it today you need to update the Glory to God to the new text, but the Kyrie, Holy, Holy and Lamb of God could still be used.
  • Our church in the Cleveland area used it in the 90s when I was growing up. I think it's a solid setting. Nice and simple. It fits well with the Danish and People's Mass to make a good WLP trio.
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  • @don9of11 there is an updated version in all the WLP books
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    Bobby, I knew that but thank you for the reminder.
  • Sorry, I misread your previous post
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    I am in Tx and I've never heard of this....can someone post the score here??
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    I think the only part of that setting I'd encounter on any regular basis back in the day was the Lamb of God.
  • Thanks everyone for your input. As far as Mass settings go, it seems better than many today. It is simple and common enough around here that it is sung by the congregation fairly well. I plan to keep using it, even though I'm not a huge fan.