Director of Sacred Music at St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish in New Carlisle, IN
    Position Description
    Director of Sacred Music / Organist

    Status: Exempt – Full Time/Part Time Reports to: Pastor
    Start Date: Evaluation Date:

    The Director of Sacred Music/organist works under the direction of the pastor and in collaboration to continue developing a sacred music program at the service of Roman Catholic liturgical worship in a parish setting. This includes but is not limited to playing the organ at Masses, directing the choir(s), training cantors, maintaining the parish music library, increasing volunteer participation in music ministry, planning sacred music for all liturgical celebrations in the parish, and providing/arranging for music at "non-scheduled" liturgies (funerals, weddings, baptisms, etc.). The Director of Sacred Music looks for opportunities to participate in continuing education programs through professional associations, as well as collaborate with other local music ministries and organizations in order to provide the parish with beautiful sacred music fitting to worship. St Stanislaus Kostka Parish is a beacon of light to the town of New Carlisle. We would like to maintain it for generations to come and have it continue to be a place in which people are honored to belong to, and love to send their kids to school here, as well as welcome guests to our parish liturgies and know they are welcomed. The director of sacred music/organist is a VERY important link and is a vital position in the life of what all goes on here. Thank you for taking on these important responsibilities.

    Positions Supervised:
    • Parish Choirs and Cantors
    • Assistant conductor/organist

    Working Relationships:
    • Parish Staff

    • Cantors and choir members

    Major Areas of Responsibility:
    • Plans and executes all sacred music for Masses at St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish
    • Participates in the wider mission of the parish by helping to form parishioners to better understand and pray the Sacred Liturgy and by being a strong pastoral presence.

    Job Duties / Specific Responsibilities:
    • Plans and executes music for all sung Masses (3 per weekend, 1 per each Holy Day, and as scheduled for Holy Week).
    • Provides organ accompaniment for all sung Masses.
    • Rehearses and conducts the adult choir, which sings at one Sunday Mass.
    • Rehearses and conducts the Gregorian Chant Schola, which sings ad hoc.
    • Recruits, trains, rehearses, and provides ongoing formation for volunteer cantors for sung weekend Masses.
    • Oversees an assistant conductor/organist.
    • Coordinates additional instrumentalists who play at Mass.
    • Recruits and rehearses a school choir and/or cantors.
    • Provides music for all weddings and funerals, including all relevant planning with involved parties.
    • Schedules substitute organists when away. Four weeks paid vacation permitted, provided the absence consists in no more than three Sundays per year. In the event of serious illness, the director will schedule a substitute organist if at all possible. Parish will compensate substitute organists.
    • Provides opportunities for parish formation on music and the sacred liturgy.
    • Reinvigorates elements of the current music program by growing the choir, recruiting new cantors, interfacing the religious education students with Sunday Masses, etc.
    • Grows the music program with additional liturgies/services/concerts.
    • Works within budget provided, checking monthly with the business manager regarding the sacred music budget.
    • Maintains close working relationship with the Pastor.
    • Any additional responsibilities at the discretion of the Pastor.

    • High degree of proficiency in playing the organ, as attested to by formal credentials and a personal performance audition.
    • Working knowledge of other instruments, which might be used in the parish’s sacred music.
    • Demonstrated skill as an effective choral conductor.
    • Knowledge of the Church’s liturgical and musical tradition and current legislation.
    • Interest/ability in Gregorian Chant (Latin and/or English) and polyphony.
    • Ability to work independently to organize and arrange priorities.
    • Ability to schedule and produce work in a timely manner.
    • Ability to take initiative and be self-motivated.
    • High level of discretion and integrity.
    • Knowledge of the Catholic Faith and be a practicing/participating Catholic in good standing with the Church.
    • Responsibility for continued personal, spiritual, and professional growth.
    • Ability to work cooperatively and communicate effectively in a diverse community environment.
    • Excellent written and oral skills.
    • Ability to work closely with the Pastor, including taking direction when provided.

    Applications may be sent to Fr. Bob Garrow at
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