Ash Wednesday 2021 music lists
  • tomjaw
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    12.15pm EF Mass (127 in attendance with social distancing etc.)

    Blessing etc.
    ANT: Exaudi nos Domine, (Graduale Romanum)
    ANT: Immutermur, (Graduale Romanum)
    ANT: Juxta vestibulum, (Graduale Romanum)
    RESP: Emmendemus in melius, Byrd

    INT: Misereis omnium Domine, (Graduale Romanum)
    KYR Byrd 3 part Mass
    GRAD. Miserere mei Deus, (Graduale Romanum)
    TRACT: Domine non secundum, (Graduale Romanum)
    OFF: Exaltabo te Domine, (Graduale Romanum)
    OFF. motet: Marentes oculi spargite lacrimas (Vespers Hymn)
    SAN: Byrd 3 part
    BEN: Byrd 3 part
    AGN: Byrd 3 part
    COM: Qui meditabitur, (Graduale Romanum)
    COM. Motet: Attende Domine, (chant hymn)
    COM. Motet: Ave Verum, Byrd
    Marian Anthem: Ave Regina Caelorum, (Simple tone)

    So a feast of Byrd over lunch on Ash Wednesday, what more could you wish for?
  • Chrism
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    Hymn - Now are the Days of Humblest Prayer (Faber / Terry)
    Propers and Blessing Antiphons from the Liber
    Kyrie XVIII
    Off. Attende Domine (chant)
    Sanctus XIV
    Agnus XIV
    Com. Parce Domine (chant)
    Ave Regina Caelorum (simple)
    Hymn - Behold and Bless the Solemn Days (Campbell / Arundel)
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  • MarkB
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    Entrance: Antiphon from The Proper of the Mass, setting II with both verses
    Psalm: Respond and Acclaim
    Gospel Acclamation: mode II psalm tone chant
    Distribution of Ashes: Responsory from The Proper of the Mass, setting I
    Distribution of Ashes: Antiphon 3 from The Roman Missal with verses from Psalm 51, mode II chant from The Lumen Christi Simple Gradual
    Offertory: "Return to God" by Marty Haugen
    Eucharistic Acclamations: ICEL chant settings
    Communion: Antiphon from The Proper of the Mass, setting III with verses
    Communion: Ave Verum Corpus chant
    Communion: Panis Angelicus by Lambillotte
    Recessional: "Again We Keep This Solemn Fast"
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  • Introit (Prelude): American Gradual
    Hymn: Lord! who throughout these forty days
    Psalm: New Cathedral Gradual (Ku/Cichocki)
    Gospel Acclamation: Praise to you, Lord... Somerville (common Canadian response)
    Ashes: Call to Remembrance - Farrant
    Ashes: Juxta Vestibulum/Psalm 51 - American Gradual
    Offertory Hymn: O Kind Creator, Bow Thine Ear
    S/B/A/A: ICEL
    Communion: American Gradual chant
    Communion: O Thou, who dost accord us
    Adoration hymn: O Salutaris
    Motet during adoration: Jesu, grant me this I pray - Gibbons

    And then, of course, Father proceeds to berate me afterwards about my choice of music... see my other thread. At least I liked my lineup.
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  • oldhymnsoldhymns
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    Chrism: It's wonderful to know that you used Behold and Bless the Solemn Days from the Arundel Hymnal. I haven't heard this in a very long time--very appropriate for the start of Lent.
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  • Here's our worship aid. TL;DR:

    Bartlett Simple English Propers
    Psalm setting and Gospel Acclamation composed by me
    Missa XVII (yes, I know it should be XVIII...)
    Fr. Weber's adaptations of the ash antiphons sung by the choir
    Lotti Miserere Mei
    Ave Regina Cælorum
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  • Caleferink
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    St. Mary's, Tampa

    Introit: Simple English Propers
    Psalm 51: Craig/Gelineau
    Gospel Acclamation: Respond & Acclaim
    Distribution of Ashes: "Merciful God" (Alonso)
    Offertory: Simple English Propers
    Sanctus: XVIII
    Mysterium Fidei: ICEL - Save us, Savior...
    Agnus Dei: XVIII
    Communion Antiphon: Simple English Propers
    Communion Hymn: "Gift of Finest Wheat"
    Recessional: silence
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  • Very nice pamphlet, Serviam. I especially like the note from the music director at the end.
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    St. Sebastian, Akron:
    Mass XVIII, Gregorian Proper
    Offertory: Audi benigne conditor
    Communion: "Palestrina" Adoramus te, with organ.
    Recessional: 40 Days and 40 Nights (HEINLEIN)

    About as much fun as you can have in Lent with a cantor and organ.
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