Slovenian Tune- help?
  • Asking for someone from another board. She was asked to play Angelesko Ciscenje - a slovenian hymn at a funeral. Google is no help. I do not know if there is a spelling issue or if this is too obscure. Any ideas what they could be asking for? Thank you.
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    I don't know where to find the score, but if your friend can play by ear, here's a youtube
    of a choir singing it. They spell it "Angelsko cescenje" and translate the title as "Angelic adoration."

    The choir is from the now-closed Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Indianapolis, which has been merged with another parish. There's also a Slovenian choir in Ely, MInnesota.

    Hope this helps.

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    It may be tricky to find this under the title "angelsko češčenje", since those words don't seem to be part of the lyrics. Also, there are other unrelated songs with this title, and other spellings of the phrase: e.g. "angelsko čaščenje".

    The Slovenian Chorus in Ely, MN, alas, has not survived the passage of time:,9998
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    "Angelsko češčenje" is a term used for the Angelus prayer (The custom of reciting it in the morning apparently grew from the monastic custom of saying three Hail Marys while a bell rang at Prime. The noon time custom apparently arose from the noon time commemoration of the Passion on Fridays. The institution of the Angelus is by some ascribed to Pope Urban II, by some to Pope John XXII in the year 1317. The triple recitation is ascribed to Louis XI of France, who in 1472 ordered it to be recited three times daily. The form of the prayer was standardised by the 17th century.).

    The prayer in Slovenian:

    Angel Gospodov je oznanil Mariji – in spočela je od Svetega Duha. Zdrava, Marija …
    Glej, dekla sem Gospodova – zgodi se mi po tvoji besedi. Zdrava, Marija …
    In Beseda je meso postala – in med nami prebivala. Zdrava, Marija …
    Prosi za nas, sveta Božja Porodnica. – Da postanemo vredni obljub Kristusovih.
    Molimo. Nebeški Oče, po angelu si nam oznanil učlovečenje svojega Sina. Posvečuj in podpiraj nas s svojo milostjo in nas po njegovem trpljenju in križu pripelji k slavi vstajenja. Po Kristusu, našem Gospodu. Amen.
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  • This group never ceases to amaze me. Thank you.
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