Oculus Non Vidit - 1 Corinthians 2:9
  • Drake
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    This composition is especially for M. Jackson Osborn, who mentioned on a different thread that he "would gladly hold [his] breath for someone here to write an anthem or motet on this text." This is my attempt. Computer-rendered playback and free PDF are available at http://www.catholicliving.net/oculus-non-vidit/

    I must say that it is very difficult to write music concerning that which the ear hath not heard.

    Just a couple of things to note. I have emphasized word painting with this setting over complexity, so there is a fair amount of repetition (though varied), and the piece has its share of I, IV, and V chords. (I came up with a theme I liked and stuck with it.) Also there is an intentional direct fifth at measure 11, where the Alto drops past the Tenor's previous note. I was going for a low sound here on audivit with the Bass, Tenor, and Alto forming the D-flat major chord.

    Feedback is welcome, and I hope the piece may be of use.
  • I am moved to tears and near speechless.
    This stands beside P's Sicut Cervus.
    It is a stepping stone from now to forever..

    If Bach wasn't afraid of directs or parallels here and there why should we be.
    It's all in the artistry.

    I would really like to give the score of this to our choirmaster at Walsingham.
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    Drake, this is incredibly moving and sensitively faithful to the text. I am in awe of its beauty and, like Jackson, am moved to tears. It is a two-minute foretaste of heaven.
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    As always Drake your work is very sublime, I especially appreciate how predictably unpredictable the voices work together, and by that I mean: the melodic lines are easily followable, but then you create certain leaps to accommodate the entrance of another voice. It has a nice modern spin that works for your style.
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    I couldn't write back to the comments sooner because I had to work, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am speechless because of the wonderful things you have said. I really do not know how to respond.

    MJO, it was late yesterday when I posted the score, and I realized I put an 'e' on the end of Osborn, so that is now fixed. Of course you may give the score to whomever you wish. I am honored that you would share it with your choirmaster.
  • I forgot to mention that it also seems to have spiritual affinity with Parsons's Ave Maria.
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    May God be glorified in the works He performs through His unworthy creatures! I’ve been paid about as high a compliment for this piece as I think a composer of sacred music can receive—to have my work compared with that of Palestrina (Sicut Cervus no less) and likened to a foretaste of heaven. And by real musicians, while I am just an amateur. I am truly at a loss for words. I cannot take credit for the gifts God has given me, so all I can say is glory be to God!
  • ...real musicians, while I am just an amateur.
    Ha! Some 'real musicians' should hope be such 'amateurs'.
  • tomjaw
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    with Parsons's Ave Maria.

    One of the finest pieces of music ever written. Which reminds me we need to sing this sometime within the next couple of months.
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    I found an error in the Latin text of the motet, which was also present in the source I used. The word iis in the previous edition should be his. I have updated the PDF and have also just uploaded it to CPDL.