Two-part/duet psalm settings?
  • This year's Holy Week is going to be very simple at our church. The English liturgies will comprise of one soprano cantor and myself (organist and alto/mezzo). We are already planning on singing some beautiful duets at Offertory/Communion times, but I'm looking for every way I can to ornament the liturgies and bring that "something special" to Holy Week that would normally be provided by the choirs.

    Does anyone know of two-part psalm settings that might fit the bill? I know R&A has a lot of descant options... Any other settings/collections I'm not aware of?
  • Compose plainchant melismatic verses for the psalmody for your cantor. I am not familiar with the US translations, but I might be inclined to write something for you if you wish. PM me with details if you are interested.
  • davido
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    For R&A psalms, have them sing the choral harmonies. Sometimes the tenor/soprano parts sound better than soprano/alto, but they could even sing the verses in harmony.
  • Heath
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    Dozens of 2-pt settings on my website: