What not to do for music at Mass
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    Exhibit A

    Exhibit B (start at 9:10)

    Exhibit B... I'm not even sure that's a valid Mass. A stream with prerecorded content shown on a large video screen adjacent to the altar of sacrifice where the priest celebrates Mass, such as it is? Look at what they did for the sign of peace. Sheesh.

    For a grown-up version of Exhibit B (start at 13:50)

    Yes, I realize those are the extreme outliers of craziness in the Church. But they exist.
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    Goodness gracious, to think I applied for the DM position at Exhibit A back in 2018. I am very glad they chose someone else!
  • B was a valid Mass, objectively speaking. I’m assuming he’s a validly ordained priest, had the intention to do what the Church does, used valid matter for the consecration. The sacrifice was completed, albeit there were a lot of liturgical abuses and illicit things done.
  • Yet another case of weird sanctuary design and Jesus is shoved off to the corner with people sitting with their backs to Him.

    Same with the beautiful St. Monica's, although this time they've cemented over where He should be enthroned in the high altar. Also, this whole production is what happens when people take "active participation" wayyyyy too far.
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    From the looks of the congregation's demographic in Exhibit A parish, it doesn't appear that the music has been wildly successful in "attracting the young people" (often heard as the stated goal of having such music).
  • I had the exact same thought...
  • Unfortunately, my home parish has added something close to Exhibit A (guitar but not electric) to our weekend Mass schedule. I stepped down from being a cantor months ago because I didn’t like the direction we were going under our new pastor. Last weekend, our bulletin contained an advertisement saying, “Do you like the music you hear on the K-Love radio station? Attend our 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass to hear our contemporary group!” Gag.

    Exhibit B, St. Monica’s in California, has been an issue for several years, now. The one thing they got going for them is that their 5:30 p.m. Sunday Mass with their contemporary group draws large crowds. The church is packed (well, was pre-pandemic).
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    UGH!!! that is just simply, the worst garbage I think I've seen in any church.
    Once you start seeing the microphone stands and bits and pieces of a "praise band" that's the end starting right there!

    A local church here streams their service and the quality of the stream is horrible, it sounds like it's done on two cans and a string and looks so amateurish it's a joke, their streming doesnt have enough bandwidth either so the music sounds even worse. The voice sounds good but ALL of the music- piano, organ or singing is absolutely horrid sounding, try this


    Skip to 14:00 to hear piano and "choir" and 57:00 for piano and solo

    You just KNOW that when comments are turned OFF, people have been complaining!
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    I'm almost sad to see music so well-produced as in these examples, because of the pastoral problem of near-ineradicability.
  • Imagine if they put that much effort into singing the simple english propers or Fr. Weber...
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    I had a similar thought. The kids sang "Hakuna Matata" "Siyahamb' ekukhanyen' kwenkhos'" as the Entrance Hymn Gathering Song. They did a marvelous job on the harmonies, too, even though the final product is the result of separate individual recordings being edited together, pitch correction and sound production/mixing.

    How many of the people who produced that segment would object to asking children to sing Latin on the grounds that it's not a language the kids understand? How many would object to polyphony on the grounds that it's too difficult?

    Kids can do it. Many adults refuse to let them try because of their own liturgical, theological or spiritual hang-ups.
  • Is it me, or in Exhibit A, did the guitarist take the pick out of his ear?
    In all exhibits - the music is absolute garbage.
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    I think he pulled more out of his ear than a pick Brian haha
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    SeeYaJesus... he is leaving now
  • Most of the Masses where I went to college were much like Exhibit A, which is why I rarely went to Mass on campus unless it was a quiet Mass or the Extraordinary Form (when I was obliged to play organ, sing, or serve as an acolyte). Performing "exhibit A" music at campus Masses 1) is embarrassing and 2) guts the liturgy of solemnity and stillness from the outset. This college would even do that kind of music for Stations of the Cross during Lent.