Looking for Lyrics to 'Sing praise and glory '
  • Good day all. My name is Br. Reece Heuvel sdb. I was just wondering if anyone here present could assist me in obtaining the lyrics to the hymn 'Sing praise and glory'. I dont know the composer, and YouTube and Google have not been very helpful. The chorus and verse 1 and 2 I do remember though.

    Ch: Sing praise and glory to God the Father. Sing praise and glory to Christ the Son and to the Spirit sing praise and glory, to our God we sing our song of praise and love.

    1. This world of ours you formed before creation. You first gave life to Christ your only Son. And through him you have passed your life to all of us and now we sing our song of praise and love.

    4. Through your Spirit you have granted us your pardon. Through your Spirit you have given us your love. Through your Spirit you have gathered all your people and now we sing our song of praise and love.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  • I am unfamiliar with this hymn but would like to see the music if anyone has it. Do you have any idea of its age and provenance?
  • Jackson Osborn, thanks for your reply. It could be from the 70's/80's, maybe from the UK. The composer may be from there as well. And that's all that I know. So with my very limited information, I'm just hoping that we're able to find the full lyrics and sheet music for this hymn. It's a beautiful hymn definitely from the Folk hymn era.
    Br. Reece sdb.
  • Felicia
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    If it's from the U.K. and from the "folk hymn era" it might be in the New Catholic Hymnal, edited by Geoffrey Laycock and Anthony Petti (St. Martin's Press, 1971), or hymnals published by Kevin Mayhew (or Mayhew-McCrimmon, as I think the publisher was called back then).

    I have a copy of the New Catholic Hymnal hidden away somewhere. I'll look for it.
  • It's not in any of:
    20th Century Folk Hymnal volumes 1thru 4 (Mayhew / Mayhew-McCrimmon)
    Hymns Old and New Catholic edition (2009) or ... For the Irish Church ( Mayhew, 1970s-ish)
    Celebration Hymnal for Everyone (McCrimmon, 1994)
    Songs of Fellowship, vols 1 2 or 3 (haven't checked 4 or 5 'cos I don't have them)
    Cry Hosanna (Celebration Services)
    21st Century Folk Hymnal (Mayhew again).
    New Catholic Hymnal (edited by Laycock and Anthony Petti, published by Faber).
    The Complete Mission Praise
    The Canadian Book of Worship II

    There are other books from the 70's/80's era UK. But to me, the language looks a little newer than the 1970s: all the non-God language is inclusive.

    Also the phrase "Through your Spirit you have granted us your pardon" makes me wonder if it's of charismatic-community origin.

    Another option is that Mayhew apparently published Hymns Old and New for the Caribbean Church. I've never seen a copy, but have found references to it. And there's just something about the wording which made me think of it.

    Do you have any more information about where you heard it?

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    Thank you very much for checking these.

    Your suggestion that it might come from a charismatic community is intriguing, especially in light of the emphasis on the Holy Spirit in the last verse.

    Some charismatic songbooks I can think of are the Songs of Praise from the Word of God community in Ann Arbor, Michigan (4 slender volumes from the 1970s-1980s), and music from the Iona Community in Scotland. Once again, I have the Songs of Praise in storage, but I'd have to go fetch them. I apologize for that.
  • @Paxmelodious
    Thank you very much for going above and beyond to assist. I only ever heard this song being sung as a Gloria (I dont know how and why) in Cape Town, South Africa. And I'm starting to think that maybe it was written by one of the priests of the Archdiocese or even one of he lay faithful, during the 70s/80s, maybe even a Salesian priest. I cannot find any reference to this song anywhere. I'm not in Cape Town at the moment, I'm in Zambia doing some pastoral work, and I'm trying my best to contact music directors and organists from Cape Town to assist, but obviously with the Churches being closed, it makes it very hard for this to be done. But thank you for all your help.
    Br. Reece Heuvel sdb.
  • I suspect you may be right: I've never seen any reference to published hymns or hymn books from Catholic sources in South Africa.

    One last place you might try asking is the English Society of St Gregory forum, at https://www.ssg.org.uk/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=4

    It's not as busy as this forum is, but has perhaps a wider range of genres represented, and likely more contact with people from Africa. So you may find that someone there can assist.