Latin texts set to music
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    Which Latin texts set to music are most performed by contemporary choirs? I am thinking mainly of works such as Bach's Mass in B Minor, Mozart's various Masses and the various Requiems and Stabat Maters.
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    Is anyone aware of a survey of such music in the United States. Here in the UK, a group called Voice Now carried out a survey of British choirs which included questions on the musical genres they sang although it did not go into great detail on the above question.
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    This is not a scientific or data-backed answer, but I believe that settings of the Ave Maria, texts of the Ordinary, and the texts of the Requiem will be far and away the most commonly sung Latin texts. There are a lot of other common ones like Panis Angelicus, Rorate Caeli, Regina Caeli, Salve Regina, etc. but I think the three I mentioned at the beginning will be the most common.
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    In England, and its neighbours, I suspect that the modern lollipops heard on radio stations like Classic FM are the most widely performed. Mostly fairly short pieces, or bits of requiems. Gjeilo, Ubi caritas; Lauridsen, O magnum mysterium; Górecki, Totus tuus; ...
  • I think that Palestrina's Sicut Cervus would be a staple of most choirs who have traveled the road to polyphony.
  • Ave verum corpus, Panis Angelicus, Tantum Ergo, O Salutaris Hostia
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    Victoria's Domine, non sum dignus is also a staple of beginner polyphony repertoire.
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    Are we talking about concert choirs, or liturgical choirs?
    For concert choirs, it's a repertoire-driven decision. They'd really rather not do religious music at all (I don't want to get into the politics of this, but it IS political), but they're stuck with these amazing masterworks. So they'll do the Allegri/Rockstro Miserere, various settings by the hot contemporary composers (Gjeilo, Lauridsen etc.), and the great Ordinary settings. I think one would have to establish which works are most popular, and then extrapolate from that which texts are most often done.