Entrance Antiphon Hymns Project (mostly) completed
  • lmassery
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    Announcing the completion of my Entrance Antiphon Hymns Project. At a glance, here are some features:

    1. A hymn for literally every day of the year (saints, memorials, commons, seasonal weekdays, etc)
    2. Multiple settings per solemnity - very familiar tunes
    3. Organ/choir scores, text only, JPEGs and PDFs of melody for worship aids
    4. Musescore source files for transpositions.
    5. Both Missal AND Gradual antiphons for each Solemnity (minus a few of the super long ones from the GR ).
    Sometimes both combined into one hymn.
    6. Antiphon AND accompanying verse from Roman Gradual and a doxology.
    6. Spiral bound organ book on Lulu press.
    7. Public domain tunes and harmonizations (or my own) to allow...
    8. Completely free usage, licensed under creative commons.

    Here is the site: https://www.antiphonrenewal.com/entrance-antiphon-hymn-project
    Here is the about page: https://www.antiphonrenewal.com/about-the-entrance-antiphon-hymn-pr

    Also reachable at www.entranceantiphonhymns.com

    We worked incredibly hard on this project - I hope some of you find it useful!
    God Bless,

    Luke Massery
  • RMSawicki
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    Gaudete in Domino Semper!
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  • This is really impressive and helpful, Luke. Thank you for sharing.
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  • Bobby Bolin
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    Highly recommended! Great job by Luke and Greg!
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  • These are very well done. I've been perusing them a bit and I'm quite heartened with how well so many of them work.

    I only have one quibble and that is with how they were engraved: it is standard practice to not have staff lines cutting through the text when setting hymns (ie- like a hymnal).

    Apart from that, a hearty bravo indeed!
  • JMoellman
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    When I read the initial post, I immediately thought of Greg Heislman, and my conversation a few years ago encouraging him to collect and share his wonderful adaptations. I am so grateful to all involved to make this happen.
    Hymnals have been CoVid-lifted from all the churches around here, so this will be a resource to recommend highly!
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  • RedPop4
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    Since these first popped up on Noel Jones FB group during Advent, I have used them nearly every week. They have become my "go-to" at St. Rita of Cascia, New Orleans. Luke and Greg, THANK YOU!!!