AWOL Office melodies
  • In my Liber Usualis there exist printed tunes for hymns (Prime's Jam lucis orto sidere for example, with this notation: "This tone is use for all I class feasts (not for the Offices of the Time)" next to one tune and "This ton is udes for the Office of the Sunday from January 14 to Lent and after Pentecost as well as for all II and III class feasts".

    Quaeritur: Where are the tunes located for the Office hymns which don't meet those criteria?
  • I'm surprised that this hasn't immediately generated helpful answers.
  • Kathy
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    At monasteries I've sometimes heard Prime chanted recto tono, but haven't noted the seasons. Could the use of recto tone be an underlying assumption for the penitential seasons, at least?
  • The Antiphonale 1912 has them. For example on its p 65 Feria II ad Primam there is Tonus in Feriis per annum et festis simplicibus.

    It's not quite recto tono...

    (The index starts on p 69*, which is 1088 in my PDF version..)
  • Andrew,

    Thank you. How might I come across a PDF of the Liber Antiphonarius, since it doesn't seem to be here at CMAA's website?
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    @Chris Garton-Zavesky

    Andrew has linked to the book, just click on the blue text.
  • Tomjaw,

    I didn't notice that at first, but I have since done exactly as you suggest.
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