Liturgically appropriate nowadays?
  • Thoughts on the photos from a Chicago parish. Is everyone just as progressive or...?
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    Oh, come about inappropriate!
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    What on earth? Did they bless that trash before they used them as altar linens?
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    Two errors in judgment:
    1. Placing those things on the altar, even using one as an altar cloth.
    2. Doing it at a Mass that was recorded and posted on the internet.

    I'm going to look for a video. I'm curious what the music choices were.

    Here you go:

    It's what you would expect.

    Start viewing at 12:40 to hear the priest's explanation for the football decorations.
  • When members of a clerical order can rise up from a casket in front of the altar in an unbelievably stupid attempt to illustrate the resurrection for an astonished congregation on an Easter Day, scenes such as this can cause little surprise - only loathing and contempt. One might go so far as to label them blasphemous, for that is what they are. Woe be unto him that cheapens the Lord's House.
  • This is so inappropriate; if I were a bishop I would discipline this priest immediately. More to the point, if I was a parishioner, I’d have walked up before mass and stripped the altar. I’ve also solemnly vowed to myself that if I ever enter a church and find sand in the holy water fonts during lent I will dump them then and there.
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    Godspell. That's what people go "to church" to hear?
    Also, why are priests referring to themselves without the title of Reverend or Father? "Welcome to Old St. Patrick's Church on this day((?). I'm Tom Hurley... as we finish up the Chirstmas festival." He "does" Mass.

    I wanted to hear what kind of song they used for a Responsorial Psalm. It sounds like it could have been from Godspell, as well.

    Just skipping through, offertory prayers: "what if we can say to God, 'these are our loved ones, with whom we too are "well pleased"'?"
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    dump them then and there

    Bottles of hand sanitizers sitting in otherwise empty holy water fonts, is also a problem.
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  • Unusually, in a situation like this, I'm torn.

    1) When the Committee of Public Safety cancelled Christmas, plucky Frenchmen started bringing the creche home, and non-traditional scenes included the milkman, the farmer, and many others. Is the football player at the creche bringing his football as a gift to the infant?

    2) On the other hand, "IF you have to tell the celebrant that he can't wear a cheese block on his head when he celebrates Mass, you've already lost the argument" -- which I think is from Father Rutler.
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    Anyone believe Cardinal Cupich will do anything about this?

    I'm with ServiamScores about possibly taking matters into my own hands if I ever saw such a thing myself.

    Hmm... maybe "stop the steal" could take on a new meaning: stop the steal of the sacred from our worship.
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  • As could be expected, his manner at the altar was appalling, and sure enough, he went off script all over the place, including making a potshot about the “Saints” during the canon! Apparently he doesn’t want the other team to be included to the beatific vision. It’s just so very shameful.
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  • Mark, I have come to the conclusion that the shepherds are, by and large, “hired men”. I’ve vowed to take back my church. I recently had to confront a visiting Augustinian friar who was not unlike the priest in that video, who was also changing the words of the canon. It was all rather despicable and I won’t get into it, but suffice to say, WE have to know our faith and WE have to be it’s guardians. Relatively recent guardians shirked this responsibility which is why we lost so many beautiful reredos and altar rails, and it’s also why Jesus was banished to closets down the hall.

    Never again.
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    It’s my premonition that Chicago will probably suffer a scourging from heaven.
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    So you mean the Bears will lose badly today?
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    I was reading about Our Lady of La Salette, yesterday.
    Our Lady's warnings about how bad priests were, are, and will be is very sad, indeed.
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    We have the most effective weapon out there. Cut off their funding until they straighten up.
  • Amen, Charels! -
    We hear constantly about how funding disappears in parishes whose people don't want the Church's music and will stop at nothing to get rid of it.
    The same should apply with those of us who do want the Church's music - and who are appalled at priests, theologians, seminary professors, bishops, cardinals, who egg on and participate in the sort of desecration and heresy being discussed here.
    If shameless pocket book tactics can get rid of our sacred music and liturgy why can't it get rid of those who hate it?
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    taking matters into my own hands

    Konrad Lorenz calls this Übersprungbewegung.
  • To be fair, as a Bears fan, I can confirm the Bears would have needed divine intervention to beat the Saints. (As I write this, they are about to lose.)
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    Now we know what God thought. Saints 21, Bears 9; season is over for the Bears.
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    Astounding how the priests there are worried about the coronavirus but are blithe to the spiritual maladies they are spreading and infecting their parishioners with.
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    I lived in Chicago for 20 years and am a Bears fan but I only have one word: vomit.
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    Exactly, Charles and MJO. Just like when you cannot support a bishop's position on something, you can earmark your check to a specific parish fund, to keep it in the church.
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  • Old St Patrick's, or at least their longtime pastor, is known for boldness and tacky-ness. To put it kindly. Not the norm in the rest of the archdiocese (although also not alone).
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    CCooze, you are absolutely correct. There's Ladies of Charity, Aid to the Church in Need, and many other charities that do good work without the politics.
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    I attended mass at one parish in which the shepherds and magi in their Nativity scene were outfitted with masks.
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    Probably to keep the Frankincense out of their noses.
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    It reminds me of the priest in the Netherlands or Germany who, a few years ago, wore a football team's colors while processing into the church for Mass, and kicked a soccer ball out into the congregation.
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    I remember having seen that kick-off on local TV news; the priest was suspended immediately which caused quite a stir, and returned on duty after two months of repenting:
    soccer priest back on duty (in Dutch)
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    If it's any consolation the Browns beat the Steelers.
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